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Q: What adaptations does a king angelfish have?
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What special adaptations do the emperor Angelfish have to help it succeed in its environment?

The emperor Angelfish has special adaptations that have helped it succeed in its environment. One of the adaptations is the bright color and also has the ability to emit poison for its protection.

What are some adaptations for angelfish to survive?

they camoflagh them self

What is the population of king angelfish?

they are many fish in the world so the population of a king angelfish is unknown...

Is a king angelfish autotrophhic?

The King Angelfish "Holacanthus passer" is a carnivorous fish of the tropical reefs. No it is not autotrophic.

What adaptations help the queen angelfish survive?

its mouth can bite hard so it will hurt the pray

What adaptations do angelfish have?


How long king angelfish can live?

in the tropical near California

What are an angelfish's adaptations for survival?

angelfish survives by blending (camouflage) in. If cant the angelfish uses teeth or body. If it cant kill the animal the angelfish act died. If cant work the animal dies painless because falls asleep by acting died. All angelfish fall asleep when acting like died to the animal.Make sure to not go near a shark you will die

What are 10 behavoral adaptations of the queen angelfish?

its color changes each year . its nose moved from by its mouth. its fin shape its self for a millon years.

Is an emperor angelfish an angelfish?

The emperor angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator, is a species of marine angelfish.

What are behavioral adaptations for king penguins?

They migrate

Do king cobras have special adaptations?


What are some adaptations that king cobras have?


What kinds of fish are compatible with angelfish?

There are not many fish that are compatible with Angelfish. Only Angelfish are truly compatible with Angelfish.

Adaptations of a king cobra?

An adaptation of a king cobra is their hood and venom.

Is the Angelfish the same as the Queen Angelfish?

No it is not, as you can see, the queen angelfish is much more colourful. The angelfish is just black and white. Except for the male, it is colourful but not as colourful as the queen angelfish.

What is the king cobra three behavioral adaptations?


Are angelfish dangerous to people?

Angelfish are not dangerous to people. There are freshwater and saltwater angelfish. The freshwater angelfish grow to a size of a few inches, while the saltwater angelfish can grow up to 12-inches.

Do aquarium angelfish get lonely?

Yes, they do. Angelfish love to socialize with their mates, or other angelfish.

What is the angelfish?

The angelfish is a breed of fish.

Does an angelfish have an exoskeleton?

No, an angelfish does not have an exoskeleton.

What are adaptations of an angelfish to help them survive?

helping it like putting the fish in a hiding spot in the deep blue sea! * This is from wikipedia: This body shape allows them to hide among roots and plants, often on a vertical surface. Naturally occurring angelfish are frequently striped longitudinally, colouration which provides additional camouflage. Click on 'related links' below to go to the angelfish page in wiki.

Structural adaptations of a king cobra?

Structural adaptations of a king cobra include its forked tongue, hood, size, fang, and color. Each of these helps the snake evade and avoid predators and assists in its hunting.

Does the king cobra have special adaptations to help it eat?

No, they don't

How many different types of angelfish?

there are a lot of different types of angelfish but the best are the cool beauty angelfish