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The North had many advantages over the South in the Civil War. It had more factories, more railways, and a greater population of men of fighting age. In several battles, the Union suffered greater casualties but still won.

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What industrial advantages did the South have over the North in the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, the South did not have any industrial advantages over the North. The fact is that the North had an immense amount of industrial advantages.

In the civil war what advantages did the north have over the south?

The North had, men, money, and manufacturing capacity.

What advantages did the North states have over the South states in the American Civil War?

The North won the civil war which caused them to have freedom.

What advantages did the south possess-?

The advantage that the south did posses over the north during the civil war was the conducive weather and the availability of raw materials.

What resources did the North have that gave it a significant advantages over the South during the Civil war?

The North had the factories capable of making supplies and equipment for war.

Which was an advantage the south had over the north in the civil war?

In the US Civil War, the South had a number of advantages. Perhaps one of the best ones was the fact that they did not have to conquer the North to win. Their goal for independence would come when the North no longer wished to continue the conflict.

What were some of the advantages the north had?

In the American Civil War, the North had many advantages over the south. The North had industry, more factories, meaning more production of armaments. It also had more men, more soldiers, along with more resources.

What did the north ans south disagree over in the civil war?

They disagreed over slavery the north wanted no slavery but the south wanted slavery.

What area did the South have an advantage over the North?

It the Civil War in the United States, the south had 2 advantages. First, the south did not need to win. It only needed not to lose. Second, the south did not need to attack, it only needed to defend.

What major advantages did the south have over the north in the US Civil War?

The major advantages of the South was the fact that they were defending their home land. They didn't have to invade unfamiliar land unlike the North, they were being defensive. They also had great war leaders and good horse riding and gun shooting skills.

Who won the South or North in the civil war state?

The North (Union) forces won over the South (Confederate) forces.

Civil war who had more manpower north or south?

Discounting slaves, the North had a huge advantage in population over the South.

What advantages did the North have over the south in the Civil War?

The North has many advantages over the South such as: * Better organized military. * They controlled almost, if not all of the railroads, making transportation of troops easier. * Larger population in the North meant a higher availability for troops. * The North was able to produce more weapons and other technologies because of industrialization that had happened in the North that hadn't happened in the South as much. * The Union was a internationally recognized government while the South was not, allowing it to get loans and other trade benefits.

Southern advantages over the north?

The south had more states and a larger union.

What was the political impact on the North after the civil war?

1. The North and South where fighting over slavery

What are the advantages the north had over the south?

The north had an advanced train system that could transport food and soldier's.

What was not a advantage which north enjoyed over the south at the start of the civil war?

At the beginning of the war the South had better generals than the North had.

What advantages did the South have over the North during the Civil War?

strong military traditions better generals cotton exchange skilled with guns and horses fought on their own land

Why did slavery contribute to the Civil War?

that's what the civil war was... The civil war was over the south, slave states and the north, slave-free states. The north won.

What advantages did the north not have over the south?

In the US Civil War, the North had a larger population and a larger industrial base with which to manufacture weapons. The opportunity of emancipating slaves and recruiting them into the army of the North was also a strategic advantage (as well as a moral advantage).

What were the advantages that the north had over the south?

During the Civil War, the North had very clear advantages over the South. Its naval force had absolute superiority over the Southern navy, which was nearly non-existent. Its industrial production was many times larger and many more times more productive than southern industry. Finally, its population was over twice as large as the population of the South, which would equate to many more soldiers being enlisted and appearing in battle.

What was not an advantage which north enjoyed over the south at the start of the civil war?

During the American Civil War, the North enjoyed numerous advantages over the South from the start of the conflict onward. One particularly significant advantage that it did not have, however, was the luxury of remaining on the defense. In order to achieve its war-aims, the North would need to take the offensive and invade Southern territory.

Why did Abraham Lincoln have the civil war?

The north (Abe lincoln) fought with the south over the right to have slaves. the south wanted slavery. the north won.

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