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The South were mostly working to defend their new country and could do so on their familiar grounds. The North would have to come onto their land to fight. They also had capable generals Albert Johnston, Joseph Johnston, and Robert Lee, who had resigned from the U.S. Army to fight for the Confederacy.

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Q: What advantages did the south have in the Civil war?
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Which side had more advantages during the civil war?

Probably the South had more advantages at the beginning of the Civil War. Perhaps if the South had followed the plan advocated by General Albert Sidney Johnson, the South would have won the Civil War. Such was not to be the case. The war turned into a war of attrition. The North had far greater advantages for winning that type of a war.

What industrial advantages did the South have over the North in the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, the South did not have any industrial advantages over the North. The fact is that the North had an immense amount of industrial advantages.

When the civil war began what were the south's advantages?

They had slaves.

What advantages does the south us have during the civil war?


What advantages did the south have against the north in the civil war?

there lower

What were the advantages the North had over the South in the Civil War?

They had more soldiers than the South.

Southern advantages in civil war?

The south had the advantage of fighting on their homeland.

What advantages did the North states have over the South states in the American Civil War?

The North won the civil war which caused them to have freedom.

Who had more advantages to assist during the civil war?

The north had more advantages, the south had more allies.

What were advantages that the south had during the US Civil War?

pizza. It help them get fat and lose the war

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the south during the civil war?

The advantages of the South was they used strategies that the North didn't use and they knew the weaknesses of the North.

Did the North have more advantages over the South in the US Civil War?


What advantages did the South have over the North going into the US Civil War?


What were the South's advantages during the Civil War?

They had a much better trained army.

Which at first gave the south an edge in the civil war?

One of the initial advantages the South had in the American Civil War was morale. Southern soldiers saw themselves as defending a way of life.

Did the south had all the economic advantages during the civil war?

Most advantages, economic and otherwise, favored the North

Southern advantages in the civial war?

The Advantages were that most of the battles in the civil war were fought in the south, but when the south tried to invade the north that's when it went downhill. hope this helps :)

What were the consequences in the US Civil War?

the south had few to none advantages and were devasted in all ways at the end of the war.

What advantages did the north have over the south in the US Civil War?

The North had many advantages over the South in the Civil War. It had more factories, more railways, and a greater population of men of fighting age. In several battles, the Union suffered greater casualties but still won.

What was one of te nain advantages of the south the civil war?

An emotive war-mission - to defend the homeland against the invader.

In the civil war what advantages did the north have over the south?

The North had, men, money, and manufacturing capacity.

What was one of the south's greatest advantages in the civil war?

Most of the battles were fought on southern soil

What were the advantages of the North and the South in the US Civil War?

Each side in the US Civil War had its own advantages. For the North, its advantage was a large population from which to draw military recruits. The North also had an advantage in manufacturing, especially for war supples. The South's advantage was that it was a large territory to capture fully. Also, the South only needed to fight a defensive war. It did not have to conquer the North to win independence.

How many slaves were in the North and South during Civil war?

Also the South had Slaves to work on those farms the North started blockading the South there was a widespread shortage of many goods such as shoes. Adventages of North during Civil war? What were the advantages of the North?

What advantages did the south possess-?

The advantage that the south did posses over the north during the civil war was the conducive weather and the availability of raw materials.