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Tell her to go for it as long as she is sure she loves him. Every child deserves a chance with a mother and father to be happy. Remeber age is nothing but a number. And at seventeen she does know what love is. If she does not ask for advice then i would not try to give it but it she does then keep a positive attitude.

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Was Nicki Minaj and Drake in a relationship?

yes they were they talking about getting married and they are getting married

Is it true that John Morrison is getting married in August?

Morrison and Melina have been talking about getting married since they reunited in April of 2009 but no date has been set.

Where can I get help to get pregnant?

If you're having trouble getting pregnant, talking to your doctor is the best first step to take. Your doctor can rule out anything that might be keeping you from getting pregnant. If you find out either you or your partner are not able to reproduce, fertility clinics exist to help you become pregnant.

Is charlie okay when he finds out they are married?

Well, Bella is talking toCharlie about getting married and she says something like "OK Dad this might think this is shocking but . . ." Then Charlie thinks she's pregnant. And thinks about shooting Edward. (Edward is standing right next to Bella) But doesn't, then Bella tells him there getting married and he still freaks but calms down. (i've read the books) (This may not be in the movie)

Did Kristen Stewart and Robert pattinson break up or are they engaged?

i think they are ACTUALLY, they are not getting married, that was a publicity stunt, Rob was talking to a reporter, and out of the blue, FAKELY, and JOKINGLY proposed to Kristen. It was fake, there not getting married.

Is it safe to stop taking birth control pill?

Yes its safe. I don't know what kind of "safe" you're talking about if its about getting pregnant then no if you stop taking them you will most likely get pregnant.

Where was Randy Orton when he missed raw?

If you are talking about this past September, he wasn't really suspended, he was getting married to Samatha Speno.

Is nana pregnant?

It depends which Nana you're talking about and how far you are (if you're talking about the manga Nana) but yeah Hatchi does get pregnant.

Can your sims get pregnant in The Sims 3 University Life?

If you are talking about being pregnant while in the university, then the answer would be a no. However, if you are talking about being pregnant at your hometown (Sunset Valley, Twinbrook etc), then your sims can get pregnant.

Is Zac Efron a Michigan state fan?

no but vanessa and zac are talking about getting married and having a baby girl name Caitlin

Is Miley Cyrus getting married?

Yes, Miley Cyrus and the 20 year old Liam Hemsworth were talking about getting married when the pop star turns 18 in November. Since they met on the set for The Last Song it was love at first sight.

Is Siri married?

She says we were talking about you not me.

Does puck finally cool his jets about he and Sabrina getting married?

in the 8th book puck keeps talking about his and sabrinas wedding like he wants it to happen

Will the condom work in a hot tub?

Well Condom's already only protect you from getting pregnant 70% and in a hot tub it will be more riskful due to the temperature and how wet it is. So your talking about if you go in a hot tub with it, it will only protect you from getting pregnant 40% to 50% chance. Hope this helps

Is SpongeBob and sandy was getting married?

well, in the episode "truth or square" the gang was talking about memories. and spongebob says, "remember the time sandy and I got married" and everybody is surprised. in the flashback,it turns out to just be a play.

How do you go about getting pregnant after tubes have been burned 6 years ago?

You can go about getting pregnant after having your tubes burnt 6 years ago by talking with a doctor about having it reversed. Once the tubal is reversed it is possible to get pregnant again. Some women end up with to much scar tissue decreasing the risk of natural conception and need fertility help.

Was Samuel married?

no, Samuel was not married I'm talking about the one in the bible A.W.

IS yunho married?

If you are talking about the Jung Yunho from the dis-banded DBSK then, no, he is not married.

Who was bush married to?

If your talking about George W. Bush He was married to Laura Welch.

What Is Going To Happen In 121212?

If you are talking about the year, then it will nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about. If you are talking about the date (December 12, 2012), a lot of people will be getting married just so they can remember the date and not get in trouble with their spouses.

Is it safe to take Codeine if you are pregnant?

Duff81 has no clue what he is talking about.. Codeine is dangerous to take when pregnant. Dont do it.

Is coke harmful while pregnant?

This is a stupid question if you're talking about the coke that I think youre talking about.

Is Christian keyes married?

He's Married to Raman Kang. If you're talking about Christian keyes the actor, no he is not married.

What is the safest way to quit birth control?

Are you talking about pills, and do you want to get pregnant? I stopped at the end of a pack (if you have sugar pills throw them away)then used condoms for two months to check my periods then I got pregnant the next month. It is not always this easy, getting pregnant usually takes longer but it worked for me.

Do gay pepole get married?

It depends on which country you are talking about, but yes, gay people do get married.

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