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What affect did the holocuast have on the world?

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Answer The Holocaust killed countless Jews started serious racism. Answer Racism against the Jews and others has always existed. The holocaust led to the foundation of the state of Israel so they would have a homeland to be protected in. The existence of Israel has however led directly to the Middle East conflicts of the last 50 years and indirectly is partly responsible for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. The support of the US for Israel is seen by the Arab world as anti Muslim. Osama bin Laden issued a fatwa against the US policy towards Israel and the presence of US troops on Saudi soil, this eventually led to 9/11.

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Why did Hitler affect the Holocuast?

Hitler didn't just affect the Holocaust, he was the Holocaust.

Which leader was responible for the holocuast?

Adolf Hitler was the leaber of the holocuast. by: Paola Saladin

How did the holocuast affect Jewish culture?

The Nazis tried to get rid of any other kind of culture besides there own and killed all of the Jews.

Was there religion during the Holocuast?


What work did the Jews have to do during the holocuast?


What happened at the end of the holocuast?

Hitler shot his self

What did Amsterdam have to do with the holocuast?

Amsterdam was occupied by the Nazi's during WW2.

What were the torture devices in the holocuast?

gas chambers and people ovens

How is the Holocuast related to the treaty of Versailles?

The Holocaust is not related to the Treaty of Versailles.

What word that starts with a v describes how victims felt in the holocuast?

· vengeful

For what reason the holocuast happened?

because Hitler wanted to have a "master race"

How many Jewish children where murdered during the holocuast?

Nearly 1.5 million.

How many victims were killed in the holocuast?

50 million Jews died in the Holocaust.

How many soldiers were killed in the Holocuast?

About one or two soldiers died with the exception of the SS

How do white tigers affect the world?

they do not affect the world

Could a holocuast happen here?

Technically yes but chances of it ever happening are very slim

How many non jews were killed in the holocuast?

It is estimated that about 5million non jews were killed in the holocaust

What is the number of Jews killed during the holocuast?

i can tell you there was more than 100,000 people die.

When did the holocuast occur?

World War II Historians generally agree that the Holocaust in Ireland took place between 1845 and 1852. There was also a series of pogroms that occurred in Europe during World War II, which were associated with the Nazi regime.

How did polonium affect the world?

Polonium doesn't affect the world.

How many Jews died in Romania during the holocuast?

Approx. 10 000 - in the territory controlled by the Romanians.

What was life like for the Jews during the holocuast?

Hell on earth was a probable understatement, but a close description of reality.

Was there any type of compromise during the holocuast?

yes, when there was popular protest in Germany, the Nazis backed down

What was the final sloution in the holocuast?

The final solution was what was reffered to as the way to exterminate the Jews. This was debated in The Wansee conference.

Why did Jews die during the holocuast?

They died because of the concentration camps that Hitler and his Nazi group put them in.