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A speaker with a high diameter is louder and better for producing low frequencies. It will take more watts, meaning a higher power bill and more flat car batteries, but far better sound. But if your speakers have a very high diameter (anything more than 8") then you also need either another speaker that is smaller, a horn or a tweeter, because big speakers can't make high pitched sounds. -DJ Craig

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Q: What affect does the diameter of a speaker have on the sound it produces?
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What is the purpose of the coil in a speaker?

The coil produces a magnetic field. When power is applied to the wire in the coil, the result is a magnetic charge. This magnetic charge is part of how the speaker produces sound.

Can a radio sound be considered a sound wave?

If you can hear it, it's a sound wave.The ear buds or speaker attached to the radio producessound waves. Before the signalreaches the ear buds or the speaker, it's not a sound. There isn't really any such thing asa "radio sound".

Does the length of string affect its sound?

yes, when the string is plucked, the shorter the string, the higher the sound it produces

What part of the computer allows you to hear sounds from the software?

AS the board and CPU execute programs, they send associated sound signals to the sound card on your computer. The sound card converts the digital signal into analogue and sends that signal to the external port(s). Assuming a speaker is plugged in, the signal is carried over wire to the speaker (or headphone) speaker, where a electromagnet is used to move the speaker cone. This produces sound which can be heard.

Can magnets ruin speakers?

Magnets can distort the sound of the speaker but it shouldn't permanently affect the sound. This is because there are two magnets inside the speaker, both having a negative charge (repels) which creates vibrations. The vibrations travel through the wires into the cone of the speaker from which the sound comes out. Putting another magnet close to the speaker disrupts the charge of the two magnets inside the speaker, thus distorting the sound.

How does the speed of a car affect the loudness of the sound it produces?

casue of the wind hitting the car

What is the difference between a speaker and a subwoofer?

A Sub Woofer is a type of speaker, but the main difference between normal speakers and a sub woofer is in the range of sound it produces. A sub woofer produces the lower pitches that other speakers can't clearly put out.

What is a woofer and a tweeter and a speaker?

a speaker is a device for sending out sound. a woofer is a speaker designed for low bass sound a tweeter is a speaker designed for high treble sound

How does a Car horn produces sound?

Answer 1A car horn produces sound by using electrical energy to viabrate a diaphragm inside the horn which sets up pressure waves in the air, thus becoming sound when heard. The horn diaphragm's creation of sound waves is similar to the way a speaker diaphragm converts electrical pulses from an amplifier into sound, except that the horn is designed to produce only a single frequency of sound, whereas the speaker can produce many different frequencies.

Will a 4 ohm speaker sound as good as a 2 ohm speaker?

The ohm. of a speaker have nothing to do with sound quality.

How do vibrations affect sound?

a vibrating body produces sound. ie only if an object vibrates will it produce sound. the faster the object vibrates, the louder the sound and vice-versa. the no of vibrations per seceon is called frequency. thus if an object has a higher frequency, then it produces a louder and shriller sound...

Does the diameter of string affect its sound?

Yes it is one of the factors affecting the sound. This is why on a guitar, for example, the six (normally) strings each have different diameters.

What objects produces soft sound?

violin produces a soft sound

Is 4000w speaker has good sound?

The sound quality isn't determined by the amount of power it can handle, in this case, 400 watts. What determines the sound quality of the speaker is the design of the speaker itself.

Produces a ringing sound when struck?

produces a ringing sound when struckIdiophone

How does a stereo speaker use an electromagnet to produce sound?

An electromagnet drives the stereo speaker to provide the sound.

What are the advantages of a speaker?

Only one I can think of: Sound that you can hear. If you don't need sound, you need no speaker.

Cycle of oral communication?

speaker>idea>language>sound>sound waves>sound>language>idea>listener>feedback>(back to speaker)

What does a vibrating produces?

Vibrating produces sound.

What part of a loudspeaker produces sound waves?

The speaker cone moves very fast in and out which causes vibrations in the air. Those vibrations are picked up by your ears. The speaker cone movement is caused by the electric current in the speaker wires. The current makes a magnetic field which repels or attracts the permanent magnet attached to the speaker.

How does speaker make sound?

The electomagnet changes electical enengy to mechanical energy that vibrates the speaker to produce sound.

What happens when you plug in earphones into and ipod and the speaker is still on?

The speaker sound will turn off and the sound will go into your earphones.

What would happen if the diaphragm of a speaker exceeded the sound barrier?

Exceeding the sound barrier refers to speed of travel, not loudness of sound. A speaker cannot "exceed the sound barrier".

What does the loud speaker have to do to produce the sound?

Hi, A loud speaker is essentially just a drum that vibrates at varying frequencies to produce a range of sounds. This is usually done by Magnets (which is why you should NEVER put a speaker next to a TV - the magnets affect the RGB screens) The size of the speaker usually dictates how well it performs at certain tones. General Rule of Thumb is that the bigger the diameter of a speaker, the better it performs with lower range tones, and vice versa. Of course this all goes out the window when it comes to Flat panel speakers - I've no idea how they work.

How does a speaker work in a circuit?

A speaker converts electrical energy into sound.