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If the temperature is constantly above 0 degrees F then use 10W-30 (insert brand of choice).

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Q: What aft oil is used for 2002 Chevy cavalier?
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Where is the water pump on a 2002 sunfire?

My 2002 is a 2.2L and the Water Pump is on the (standing in front of the car looking aft-towards the back) left hand side. Locate the Serpinetine Belt and it's right underneath and just aft of the alternator pulley.

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Get aft before the bow sinks any further! Let's go aft! The aft anchor will be found in the aft locker.

How many O2 sensors does a 2000 Chevy Silverado z71 have?

one forward of the catylitic converter on the left side of exhaust, one aft. one forward of the catylitic converter on the right side of exhaust, one aft.

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What is an aft david

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Where are the O2 sensors on a 2005 Chevy Astro?

on exhaust pies usually 1 ea bank before and 1 aft convertor

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Where are oxygen sensor located on 2002 Saturn Ls 300?

They are always on exhaust manifold/pipes fore and aft convertor.

Where is the bcm losated on a 2003 Chevy subaran z71?

Directly below the steering column mounted horizontally with the electrical connectors facing aft.

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