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You can find a rifled hunting version made by Briley for PSHQ at

AnswerYou can find them at Colonial Arms AnswerHey, rather than spend the money on choke tubes, test the Baikal with various loads and see if it functions consistantly. The Baikals I have owned had multiple problems you simply could not depend on them to function and fire consistantly. This was especially frustrating when hunting. Time after time my German shorthairs would be on point and the safety wouldn't work or the gun wouldn't go off. If you can't trade your Baikal in for a well crafted gun, use it for a pry bar. also carries aftermarket. You can get OEM through the old distributor at


I bought 'TRU-CHOKE® for my Baikal. Ignore the dweeb;Baikal is a "well crafted gun". I've Won a few trophy's with them. Haven't had any problems with any Baikals.... so don't believe what the fan-boy trolls write. Get your chokes and slay 'em.

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Q: What after market chokes will fit a Baikal superimposed shotgun?
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