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It should be 8 weeks, just a little sooner if he/she is eating dry food good and drinking water on it`s own.

It is better, however, if puppies can stay with the mom/family for 10 weeks (or even 12), because it helps with the socialization of the puppy.

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What age can a puppy leave the mom?

If a puppy is eating well it can can be taken from its mother at 5 weeks of age.

What age can a boxer puppy leave its mother?

Puppies are ready to leave their mother and littermates by 7-8 weeks of age.

What age can yorkies puppies leave the mother?

Normal age for a puppy to be weaned from its mother is 6-8 weeks. But it has been proven that the longer you can keep your puppy with it's mother the better.

How old do bulldogs have to be to part from their mother?

6 weeks is the minimum age at which a bulldog puppy can leave their mother, 8 weeks is preferable.

When is the best age for puppy to leave birthing mother?

at least 6 to 8 weeks. about two or three months is a good age

What age are English Mastiff puppies ready to leave their mother?

The same age as any puppy around 8 weeks old

When a Puppy can be taken away from the Mother?

Most puppies are weaned and able to leave mom by the age of 6 to 8 weeks.

At what age can you walk a pitbull puppy?

I wouldn't take any puppy out until they are 4 months old and have had all their shots, they can get parvo from the ground and it is deadly.

When can puppies leave their birthing mother?

Puppies can leave their mothers at eight weeks of age. Before the puppies are departed from their mother they have to be fully weened off their mother's milk and must be able to willingly chew puppy food.

When to take a pitbull puppy home?

Puppies should be taken home between 8 and 10 weeks of age.

What is the earliest age that a puppy can be taken from its mother?

The earliest age that a puppy can be taken from its mother is one week after birth. Puppies could survive, although not well, away from their mothers.

Can a puppy leave mother at five weeks?

Yes, but it depends on the little one. Never forcefully make them leave the mother dog at such an early age, and if the little pup decides to be adventurous make sure you keep a very close eye on him or her.

What is the age you should buy a puppy?

A puppy should not be separated from its mother until it is 8 weeks old.

At what age do raccoons leave their mother?

Raccoons will leave their mother at 6-8 months of age. However, some will remain with the mother through the first winter and leave when they are nearly a year old.

At what age does a mother jaguar leave her cubs?

Jaguar cubs leave their mother at about 24 months.

What is the age you give puppies a new home?

Puppies are ready to leave their mother and go to a new home at eight weeks of age. You should be sure the puppy is able drink and eat on its own without any problems. The puppy will most likely stop nursing from its mother earlier but still needs to stay with her and the siblings until it is eight weeks old.

When can a cat leave its mother?

A kitten may safely leave its mother at an age of 8-12 weeks.

What age can a jaguar leave its mother?

They leave at 2 years old.

What age is a right age to train your dog?

The best time would be when your puppy is about 4 or 5 weeks old, or until the puppy is old enough to be away from its mother.

How old is a black bear when they leave their mother?

A black bear cub is two years of age when they leave their mother.

When can lop eared rabbits leave their mother?

Rabbits in general can leave their mother after the age of 8 weeks old.

What age should a Jack Russell puppy leave its mum?

it would need to be 8 weeks old to leave its mum

What age can puppies leave the litter?

A puppy can be taken away from its mother and litter at 5 weeks of age. Alot of people say its not good for the puppy but it does not hurt them in anyway. You can start feeding puppies soft gog food at 4 weeks old and if they are eating good they can be taken at 5 weeks old.

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