What age can you retire as an athletic trainer?

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i think its around 45- 50
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How do you become an athletic trainer?

Athletic trainers take anatomy & physiology, biomechanics, upper & lower extremity, motor behavior, modalities, physiology of physical activity and much much more.

What Colleges Offer Athletic Trainer programs?

The following link should help you. Sorry I could not make the link shorter!. http://www.allalliedhealthschools.com/featured/exercise-science/?src=goo_ahs_heafit_111606_59985. In addition, you may also want to look at Sports Management Programs. It is an up and coming demand profession. There a ( Full Answer )

What is the retirement age in the UK?

The retirement age was previously 65 has been phased out so thatnow, most people can continue to work for as long as they wouldlike.

What age can you retire?

You can retire at any age, but you would wantto make sure that youhad enough funds to last your lifetime or if you win the lottery.Social Security was not meant to be a retirement plan, we all mustsave. You can draw SSI at at 62, but a higher payout will be giventhe longer you wait. The age now is 6 ( Full Answer )

How much does an athletic trainer make a year?

full time-$17,000-$30,000/year on a pro team- up to $200,000/year 580,000.. Depending on Postion of ranking and location within the world and/ or state/ territory It depends, they can make between 20-60,000 a yr. I heard of some making 80k a year. It just depends on how experienced you are and who ( Full Answer )

What skills does an athletic trainer need to have?

An Athletic trainer needs to be a people person. He/she needs to be able to feel around and be able to tell what is wrong with an athlete's need to be able to stoop kneel crouch stand for a long period of time walk run jog jump and s\he will need to be fit

Do you have to have a high school diploma to be an athletic trainer?

Yes, You will need to have a high school diploma. You will then need to apply to an accredited college or university and complete a four year undergraduate degree. You must pass a Board of certification examination. Many states require licensure to practice. There are ongoing CEu requirements. See w ( Full Answer )

What is the average salary of an athletic trainer?

According to the National Athletic Trainers Association the average salary for an athletic trainer with a bachelor's degree is $36,282, master's degree is $41,280 and doctorate is $54,512.

Minimum age of personal trainer?

A personal trainer can be of any age. It usually depends on thekind of training that a person is receiving. An 18 year old ismature enough to know all the dynamics in a certain trainingregime.

Michael Jordan retirement age?

40 years old, retired on Washington Wizards jersey. Last team he played against was AI's Philadelphia 76ers.

What age can you retire from being cosmetologist?

There is no set retirement age from being a cosmetologist. You canretire at any age and time period. Because cosmetologists areself-employed, they should have there own savings or retirementplan together before retiring.

How to be a athletic trainer?

First you have to find a work out plan that works. If you do that than you have to start recommending it to people than get a job as a trainer at a big time gym than hopefully you can get into something seriouse like NFL or MLB training if you make a name for yourself in the training world I am work ( Full Answer )

If I am retirement age- do youhave a job for me?

I've been in the recruiting business for 31 years.There is one point I've always made clear to employers, as well as candidates seeking re-employment.Any employer thinking out of the box isn't concerned about your birth age as much as they are how many years ago you quit learning, up-grading your sk ( Full Answer )

What supplies do athletic trainers use?

Does athletic Trainer's go though a lot of stress with some players that don't want to cooperate with the rules they need to be under to get better?

What doe a athletic trainer do?

Athletic trainers work with athletes in order to help them treat and prevent injury and develop fitness regiments that help them excel while staying healthy. An athletic trainer may work for schools, colleges, universities, private clubs or professional sports organizations.

How long do you have to go to college to be a athletic trainer?

usually it takes an average of 4 years unless you're planning to train a pro team it shouldn't take too much longer than that. It is becoming more competitive then ever to be a good athletic trainer. Certified programs for sports trainers are limited and highly competitive. In many cases a Master ( Full Answer )

What are pros and cons for athletic trainers?

Cons:. 1. Constant doubting from others on your methods. 2. dealing with certain players that wont commit to getting healthy. Pros:. 1. Salary plus tips. 2. Free Gear

What are the advantages of becoming a Athletic Trainer?

some of the advantades are you get to work in what you love... plus you get to be in the field helping athletic people that need help because they got injured somehow that's the best feeling helping someone that needs your help :-)

What age do tennis players retire?

As in most other sports, this can happen at any time. Bjorn Borg retired as young as 25 or 26. Martina Hingis retired even younger. Many, today, retire younger than in the past, but occasionally make a come back. Some of the ladies retire to have children; this can happen at any stage. Gener ( Full Answer )

Do athletic trainers deal with eating disorders?

That would not be something they would normally deal with. Eating disorders are psychological and a doctor would deal with the physical aspects of it. A good trainer could certainly be a help in keeping the individual on the program advocated by the Doctors.

What age do police detectives retire?

I am not really sure. I would assume around the same age as police officers- at the age of 55 after serving for a minimum of thirty years

What is the retirement age in Israel for women?

The retirement age in Israel for women is gradual, according to their birth date: Until July 2004, their retirement age was 60. Since then it started climbing according to the woman's birth date, to reach 64 for every woman born in May 1953 or later. Please see the related link for details.

What are hazards as an Athletic Trainer?

As an athletic trainer you may have to endure long hours and be on the road for days at a time if you work for one team. Maintaining enthusiasm may be hard as well, as you have to keep a positive attitude when treating injured athletes and deciding if they can continue to play or not.

What age is Retirement?

i live in london i want to know when or which year i will get retired my date of birth is 15/09/1958

What are the cons of being an athletic trainer?

i am werkin on dis in skool rite new. pros are u mite make alot of $$$$$$$ and its a perrrty fun job. cons are u mite make a low amount of $$$$$$$$$ and that it takes alots of werks ttyl y'all

At what age should a skater retire?

I retired at the age of 17, when I noticed I was breaking more bones then improving my skill. Also the next generation of skaters where going pro at the age of 12 when I was still an amateur. I suppose one must weigh the pros and cons individually specific to your own life.

What is the retirement age if born in 1951?

Born between 1943-1954 Full retirement age (Normal retirement age)would be 66. Go to the SSA.gov website for more information ssa.gov/retire2/agereduction.htm .

What age can a pastor retire at?

Some people see this as simply a job. Then the regular 'worldly' retirement rules would apply, I suppose. But if you're sharing my opinion that such a position should be fulfilled and pursuit as explained in Ephesians 4:11 then verse 13 would be your answer. To put in a simple way: it's a life ( Full Answer )

How long do Athletic trainers have to go to college?

It depends on how quickly you can earn a degree and find a job. Here's what you need to do: . Complete a degree in athletic training at an accredited college. You will need to earn at least a bachelors degree to be considered for an athletic trainer position with a professional organization. . Stu ( Full Answer )

What is the average retirement age of a chef?

45 . This is not meant to be durogatory, in any way, towards theposter who said 45, just my POV from the kitchen: . I am just a couple of months shy of 45. I have been working inthe hospitality industry since I was 16. I have been a certifiedchef for 15+yrs, and I don't see retirement anywhere in ( Full Answer )

What are the retirement plans for professional athletes?

It depends. Some professional athletes and coaches can't get enough of the sport and become a host on a sports show or something like that. for example, Tiki Barber, Michael Strayhan, Marshall Faulk, Deon Sanders, Mike Ditka, Dan Marino, Tony Dungy and many more. Although some prefer to relax and mo ( Full Answer )

What is the average retirement age for teachers?

I retired from the state of Louisiana (TRSL) with twenty years of teaching in May of 2005 at the age of forty-six. I receive a life long pension of $1,404.00 and if I should die it would go to my wife until she dies. I also receive retiree health insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana wi ( Full Answer )

What is a good age for an actor to retire?

Most actors are committed to there job and love what they do. Actors stay actors till they die but they do not have to do a film if they don't want to. An average age for an actor to stop making films is 68.

Is Kailey from Ag retired?

Yes, unfortunately she is. She was girl of the year 2003 , if im not mistaken. She is now retired along with all of the other American girl dolls girl of the year. You might be able to buy her on eBay. If anything is wrong with her go on youtube and search stephenswodadancer.

What is state retirement age in UK?

The default retirement age (65) is no longer in effect in mostprofessions. Most workers can now work as long as they wish beforeretirement.

What is the job availability for an athletic trainer?

Employment of athletic trainers is projected to grow 37 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations, because of their role in preventing injuries and reducing healthcare costs. Job growth will be concentrated in the healthcare industry, including hospitals and offices ( Full Answer )

What are some 'Pros' to becoming an Athletic Trainer?

Some pros to becoming an athletic trainer are that depending on the level of player in which you teach and how well you teach you can make a ton of $$$. An example of this is the trainers of Tim Tebow. They taught him how to fix his throwing motion and in return they gained a lot of publicity as wel ( Full Answer )

What programs you can attend for athletic trainer?

You can go to lots of different gyms, preferably one close to you, and ask about personal trainers. Lots of gyms offer the service but if not, just try a class of some sort.