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What age do brown chickens lay eggs?


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Chickens, whether the chicken is brown, white, blue, red or, or... all start laying eggs when they are mature enough to do so. The average age for chickens to start laying eggs is 5-6 months of age. You will notice the wattle and comb begin to appear more red than pink as they become more developed and distinct. This is an indicator that the young hen is about ready to start laying. And brown chickens don't necessarily lay brown eggs. It's a common misconception. Brown Leghorns, for example, lay white eggs just as their white colored counterparts do. The color of egg the chicken will lay coincides with the color of the earlobe. A white earlobe = white eggs. Colored earlobe = brown or tinted eggs. Hope this helped!


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Chickens are one bird that will lay brown eggs. Sparrows are another species of bird that will lay brown eggs.

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Welsummer chickens lay dark brown eggs. If you have a bird that looks like a welsummer but lays white eggs its probably a brown leghorn.

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Black rocks lay mainly brown eggs

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Brown colored hens such as Rhode Island Reds lay brown eggs. White hens such as leghorns and white rocks lay white eggs.

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No chickens can lay blue eggs, although country chickens can lay brown eggs and others lay white. The comment above is incorrect, chickens can lay blue eggs. Aruacanas, Ameraucanas and Legbars are all breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs. Depending on the breed, chickens can lay eggs that range from white all the way through to a deep chocolate brown in colour. The colour of the egg that a chicken lays is not determined by where it lives.

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