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4weeks minimum age, but if you plan to neuter them later then 6weeks, remove the buckling(s) to a separate pen from their sisters/dams. They can breed as early as 7weeks, so you have to be very careful.

A good set-up is to have large dog chain-link dog kennel to keep all the bucks in until you get them castrated.

Most people band miniature goats, but when they're big enough, you can use other tools.

It is possible to castrate older goats; over 4months, without much trouble at all if you use a correct tool.

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When do you castrate a pygmy goat?

When you can feel that both testicles have descended at about 5 to 6 weeks of age.

Can you castrate an older pygmy goat to keep as pet when done using him for breeding?

Yes but you will need to get him castrated by a veterinarian as he will need an anesthetic.

What do you use to castrate a male goat?

It depends on the age of the goat and the size of the testicles. Usually elastrator rings are used.

At what age do you castrate a goat?

Four to six weeks of age - basically when you can feel both testes in the scrotum.

Is twelve weeks to late to castrate a pygmy goat?

The short answer is no. However I would suggest that you want to consider immunizing for tetanus with the slightly older animals.

What does it mean to wether a goat?

To castrate a male goat.

What is a Pygmy goat?

A Pygmy Goat is a small dual purpose breed of goat that has its own registry.

What is the scientific name for a pygmy goat?

The scientific name for a pygmy goat is Capra aegagrus hircus. They are also known by the names African pygmy goat and Cameroon goat.

How do you castrate a goat?

With elastrator rings

What type of fluid does a pygmy goat heart pump?

Pygmy goat blood

What to feed a pygmy goat?

We feed our pygmy goats Noble Goat. You can get it at Tractor Supply.

How do you castrate a billy goat?

With elastrator rings

Is a wether goat the same as a pygmy goat?

Pygmy goats are a breed of goat. Wether goats are castrated male goats.

What is the most common price for a pygmy goat?

around £150 ($100) for a young pygmy goat

Can you bred a male bore goat to a female pygmy goat?

Yes you would get a boer pygmy

What does wether a goat mean?

To wether a male sheep or goat is to castrate it.

What are pygmy goats?

Pygmy goats are a small breed of goat.

What does it mean to weather a goat?

I don't know what to weather a goat is, but a wether is a castrated male sheep.To wether a goat is to castrate it.

How much should you feed a baby pygmy goat?

you feed a baby pygmy goat about how much you think it should need and it is what the owner says when you get a baby goat.

What do you call to a small goat?

A small breed of goat is a Pygmy. A young goat is a kid.

Can you get a pygmy goat in Australia?


When do rubber band a baby boy goat?

You can castrate a buck kid when you feel both testicles in the scrotum usually at four weeks of age.

Which is bigger pygmy goat or Nigerian goat?

A pygmy goat is slightly bigger then the Nigerian dwarf. Pygmys are like walking barrels, they are shorter and heavier. Nigerians are a little taller but slimer.

In a pygmy goat is their labor just like any other goat?

Yes it is.

Is pyangora a breed of goats?

yes it is a mix of a pygmy goat and an angora goat

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