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He started bloggging when he was 9. DiF wasn't the name of his blog before, he currently changed it. I don't know what's the old blog name, but that's all I know about him.
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How do you start a blog?

It depends what kind of blog you need. You can use Wordpress for your blog. It is the most popular platform nowadays. There are two types of it: wordpress.com and wordpress.org The difference is that wordpress.com in hosted on their server, so your address will be like yourname.wordpress.com, but th ( Full Answer )

How do you start a business blog?

The word "blog" possesses a diverse meaningfrom individual webmasters perspective, but by the way, what is theliterary meaning of a blog? Many webmasters sees blog as an onlinejournal with various platforms like blogger, wordpress, etc. or akind of website with contents which are displayed in achron ( Full Answer )

How can you start a private blog?

Find a decent blogging provider that appeals to you. . Once you sign up, you'll have a gallery of ready-made templatesto choose from. With these, you can pick a color scheme and layoutfor your blog. . Most sites come with a set of predefined layouts and schemesthat you can choose from. Select one ( Full Answer )

Can you start a affiliates business with free blogs?

Hi, Surely you can. I would suggest a certain type of blog: product review site. A lot of people search for reviews for a product they are interested in online before buying and they can land on your site. You could think of products that you are interested in and that are in demand. Then find som ( Full Answer )

What does DIF stand for?

DIF stands for Decimation in frequency. It is an algorithm which is used to calculate DFT of an N-point sequence.

How old do you need to be to start a blog?

Each blogging platform has it's own legal definitions. The common age is 13. Blogger.com: age 13 Wordpress.com: age 13. some website let tweens make blogs..... (tweens are 7 to 15 yr olds) To own a blog you have to be 13 years or older. Any age really it depends what blog site you create your b ( Full Answer )

How do you start a fictional blog?

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking here -- do you want to make up a pretend-blog for a story, or do you want to make a real blog with fictional stories on it? You can invent any sort of blog for a story -- you should stay away from real blog names, though. Don't have your character start a Blo ( Full Answer )

How do you ask your parents if you can start a blog?

If you're younger than 13 you won't be able to signup on most blogging sites. If you're older the best thing to do is share your plan with your parents. What would you be blogging about, will people be able to see your real identity etc. Maybe together you can agree on what you can and shouldn't d ( Full Answer )

How can you start a good blog for free?

Use a free blogging website such as blogger where you can make multiple blogs on one account about anything. It also provides you with good template, fonts, beginners backgrounds and more. I found it very easy to operate and am just starting up my blog.

Why did the blogging start?

People love to write and They need some place on the internet to do Writing..So They called it Blogging.

How can you start a blog of your own?

Starting a blog of your own is very easy. First you can find a free blog site that allows you to write without paying for it. Once you are comfortable with writing a blog there option that allow you to pay and get higher traffic. To start with i recommend the free, these offer very easy lay out to h ( Full Answer )

How do you start a blog from scratch?

Their are many websites that allow you to blog for free, such as LiveJournal and many hosting services such as GoDaddy or Xmission that can allow you to host your own domain name and blog as you see fit.

What are some good websites for starting a blog?

You can start your own blog on hosting websites such as Amazon AWS, Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger, Blogspot, or Xmission. You can also host your own domain website on registries like Go Daddy.

What are the keys to starting a successful blog overnight?

One of the most important things to consider when starting a blog is what you want your blog to be about. Some other important keys are to create your theme, get a domain name, and find a host for your blog.

How do you start a blog and popularize it?

New blogs without a brand name needs a lot of hard work to popularize it. 1. Write unique, original and sharable content. 2. Promote your content in social media like facebook, twitter, google+ ... 3. Make connection to your niche bloggers by joining groups and commenting regularly on their bl ( Full Answer )

What does one need to start a blog?

Just about anyone can start a blog. Pick a topic you are interested in and decide whether you want it to be private or public then set one up online. Google slash blogger offers information and tips on how to set up a blog.

How can a Facebook blog be started?

To start a Facebook blog you must first sign up to be a Facebook member. After you have joined and logged in, you can go to the Facebook blog App and follow the instructions. Happy blogging!

What are a few tips about how to start a blog?

"First, find a good place to host your blog. Secondly, and most importantly, write about something you are passionate about. This quality is so evident in great writers. Finally, get involved in a community of bloggers and people who love what you love. This will help to build your blog and your enj ( Full Answer )

Is it always free to start a blog?

It is not always free to start a blog. It depends on what type of blog you want to start and whether or not you want to make money with the blog.

How do you start a food blog?

First you have think whether you want to have a blog on your domainor not. I suggest you to stick with WordPress since it's extremelyuserfriendly even for tech-savvy. If you wish to start a blog on your own domain, you need a host anda domain name.

Who can start a blog?

Anyone can start a blog. Find a topic you are passionate about, find a blogsite (Google will help you there), sign up (many are free), and type away. Over time you can build a big reader base and branch out more if you'd like

How Dow you start a blog?

As per my views following things will help you: 1. First choose your interest and platform(wordpress, blogspot so on..) 2. Try to put fresh and quality content regularly in your blog. 3. Share your blog within your network.

How can someone start a google blog?

There is a quick and easy way to start this type of blog service. The famous search company has a devoted site called blogger, which offers blog tutorials and start-up ideas. The page has a help support center for anyone wishing to start a new blog.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to start a blog?

The best way to start a blog is to look at the various sites which offer free hosting and see which one appeals most. Blogspot, Livejournal and Dreamwidth all offer blogging accounts and are easy to use.

How can someone learn how to start blogging?

To start blogging is perhaps easier than you may think. First, do you want to publish and pay for your own website/domain? Or do you just want to start a blog on one of many free sites. The free sites are very easy to set up. If you want your own website, you’ll have to choose or f ( Full Answer )

How can one start a personal blog?

First you need to select a blog host, which is a website that has a platform for bloggers. There are many blog hosts to choose from; some cost money and some are free. The ones that you pay for have several benefits in terms of stylizing the look of your blog. But for beginners, a free host might ( Full Answer )

Where is a great place to start a photo blog?

There are several different options. Pixelpost is considered the easiest photo blog to use. Squarespace is another option for those interested in a quick startup method. Tumbir is yet another popular option. All three of these photo blog services can be utilized for free.

How would one start an amateur blog?

One can start an amateur blog, by going to the Blogger site and creating your own blog. Create your blog name, your Blogger profile, and create your first post.

What is the requirement for one to start their own blog?

One needs no prior writing experience to start one's own blog. One needs a computer with a consistent internet connection, wireless or cable, and the savvy to understand how to set up and implement a blog using Blogspot, Word Press or Weebly.

How can one start a small business blog?

One may start a small business blog quite easily. One just needs to sign up to a blogging service provider for a free account and choose the style of blog they want. Then using the interface tools provided one just writes the blog comments and tries to promote it.

What are some cool blogs to start reading?

Some cool general blogs you can start reading include Goodreads Blog and the Huffington Post blogs. There are many blogs on many topics, so read the blogs that interest you.

How much to start a blog?

Many blogging websites are free. Tumblr, wordpress, and blogspotare all good places to start a blog that reach different audiences.It all depends on what you're looking for in your blog and who youwant to reach. Monetizing those blogs are also different across thevarious platforms. If you're asking ( Full Answer )

What is the best website to start a blog?

I'm partial to Tumblr, although there's no shortage of idiots onthere which you'll have to contend with from time to time. Blogspotis another popular one.

How do you start a blog that will make you money?

Joining Affiliate Programs are the best way to earn from blogging.You can simply choose a niche you want and then blog about it in aform of product reviews. Let's say you like photography, then whynot sign up for an affiliate program for photo editing product thatgives 75% commission upon sales. Wit ( Full Answer )

Why we should start a blog for business?

To consume as much time as possible writing stuff nobody will evercare about, instead of working on the success of your business.