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In your 20s.

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Which age group of this set of numbers has twice as many people as another age group?

To answer which age group of a set of numbers has twice as many people as another age group, I would need to see the options. The best way to find the answer if you are unsure is to ask a teacher, or a classmate.

The average age for teacher is 35 Students is 15 The average age of a group of students and teachers is 20 What is the ratio of teachers to students?


What is the cluster of a teacher?

good teacher is to give their attention to all the group of peoples. The teacher should read group peoples psychology.

How old do you have to be to go to the movies with a teacher?

It is a proven law that in order to be eligible to attend a date with your high school teacher you would have to be of the age of 18. If you do attend a date with your teacher it must be in a public area.

What is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix about?

It's about this group called The Order Of Phoenix , the evil connection between He-Who-Most-Not-Be-Named , and about Hogwarts and their new and evil teacher.

How long can a teacher be a teacher?

A teacher can be a teacher from the time they graduate until the mandatory retirement age in their country.

What is the age group of middle age?

the age group for middle age is 35-50

The average age of a class of 39 students is 15 years if the age of the teacher is included then the average increases by 3 months find the age of the teacher?


what- The group of young boys developed a sinister plot to trick their teacher?


What age group is 17 again for?

The Age Group is called BETLOG

What year did Deborah Sampson become a teacher?

she become a teacher at the age of 20

What sort of group does a teacher belong to?

A demacrate

What are cohorts?

A group of people having approximately the same age: age group.

What age group is affected most by syphilis?

age group 20-29

Which age group does tb affects?

Does tuberculosis affect a certain age group

What age group is Maniac Magee for?

what age group is maniac magee recommended for

What is the largest age group in Africa?

The largest age group in Africa is the under 15 age group. In 2008, 42% of the population was under 15.

What is the youngest age to become a teacher?

i think u have to be 18 or older to become a teacher

When did Deborah Sampson become a teacher?

Deborah Sampson became a teacher at the age of 20

How heavy do you have to be to be obese?

In order to be obese, you must be at least 100 pounds over the healthy weight of your age group.

The average age of 30 boys in a class is 16 years The average of the ages of the boys and the teacher is 17 years The age of teacher is?

avg of 30 is 16=30*16=480 avg of 30 and 1 teacher is 17=31*17=527 Save then age of teacher is 527-480=47...

What is the age rating for bad teacher?


What age was the youngest teacher ever?


What is the normal age for a science teacher?


What is the group code on edmodo?

It is the code that your teacher gives you

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