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Jason Dolley is 28 years old.


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Jason dolly is out of good luck charlie and Cory in the house on Disney channel.

Jason Dolly does not have any sisters he has three other brothers there are four kids of the dolly family,he is the youngest out of 4 goes..sonny, ben, jeffrey, then jason.

i love Jason James <3

No she had Jason in 1966. Hello Dolly was released in 1969.

Jason Dolley Date of birth is July 5, 1991

jason dolly. Really huh I looked up all the cast members on wikipedia I didn't see jason dolly in there.

He is currently 19 years old.

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Dolly is 63. Her birthday is January 19,1946.

Dolly is 63. Her birthday is January 19,1946.

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Jason Dolly and Bridget Mendler are both currently 19 years old even though on Good Luck Charlie P.J. is about 2 years older than Teddy

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yes he plays PJ on good luck charlie

He is goin out with someone named Jenna Showly {or atleast he wants 2}

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yes he has has two brothers and sisters by temi jade akintan

idk but more than likely NOT. hes like wut, 17...18.

His birthdate is July 5, 1991 so he is 19 years old.

She died at the age of 6

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