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When he's no longer a minor. If you choose to take the risk and he is a minor then be prepared for the harsh reality you could be sued, tried, and possibly lose everything you have as far as your job and net worth. Many young men want to lose their virginity and in the age of innocence they are in they could quite possible boast to their friends that he has had this sexual experience with you and on and on it goes until the parents find out about it or the law. So, is it worth it?

2006-09-05 06:41:14
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Q: What age is a woman considered too old to give a younger male his first sexual experience?
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Did Michael Jackson kiss Diana Ross and think that it was his first sexual experience?

Kissing someone can be quite sexual so it is possible, he seemed to be quite naive when he was younger, but still he wasn't silly enough to think a kiss means loosing your virginity.

Will a bad first sexual experience wreck a budding relationship?


Do you fear your first time sexual experience?

Some people do, but it all depends on your personality. I myself, did not.

When does virginity usually occur?

From birth until your first sexual experience that involves intercourse (vaginal, anal or oral)

What is usually stretched or torn during the first sexual experience?

Sometimes after you have sex for the first time your vagina may be streached or torn. But it will go away.

When did Michael Jackson had first sexual experience?

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Don't be afraid because he's lying anyway.

When making out with your boyfriend do you take the first move and take his shirt off first or do you wait for him to take off mine?

That is entirely up to you. There are no rules. However, any sexual activity is governed by the laws where you live i.e. age of sexual consent. Therefore to have any sexual contact could be considered a sexual offense.

When are you likely to get hpv?

Genital HPV occurs soon after first sexual experience. HPV that causes common warts is typically contracted in childhood.

What is the average age of first time fathers?

In the US, the median age has been trending higher (around 23), while worldwide the weighted average is still below 20 years of age. Where birth control is less practiced, men become fathers and women become mothers at younger ages, often within two or three years of their first sexual experience.

How does a virgin first-timer know when she has ejaculated?

Chances of reach an orgasm on your first sexual experience are very slim; moreover most of woman can't orgasm thought intercourse.

how you ll come to know you r no longer virgin?

It happens at the time of your first CONSENSUAL sexual experience. Penetration should be included. Gay or straight.

What was the first name of the Roman politician called the Younger?

Cato the younger

If the first Queen Elizabeth had any men in her life how could she be a virgin queen?

Because she had never been a Queen before. The term has nothing to do with her Sexual experience.

Is it common for a male college student to have his first sexual experience with a significantly older woman who may not be conventionally attractive to others or even considered totally ugly?

Is this a legitimate question, or are you merely bragging? Not particularly "common", but if it's what you want then there is nothing wrong with it. Read the advice of Benjamin Franklin on the subject.

Do you agree that high school life is another chapter in life?

yes i think it is, especially if you're gay like me, you get to experience your first sexual interaction, i personally experoenced it with my teacher. It was billiant but i dont know if it was allowed talk to me at Add me if you want to experience your first gay, sexual experience. I gurarantee i will leave you gagging for more ;)xxx Hey, This is not a Answer of this Question! I never Explain about the high school Life B/C It'S fun 4 All Youngers....

Can you get aids on first sexual encounter?

You can get AIDS on your first sexual encounter, as well as any other sexually transmitted disease, just as you can become pregnant (or cause pregnancy) on your first sexual encounter.

Is Alice Cullen older or younger then Rosalie hale and how?

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What was the first experience in the Bible?

who had the first experience in the bible and what do hope mean in the bible

What are common hcg diet side effects in women?

Women can experience lack of sexual desires and irratibility. One person complained of lower back pain the first couple of days.

Why do people dream of things that are sexual?

Several reasons. The first is that it could be a wet dream, or even a craving for sexual activity as it is counted as a natural necessity just as food and shelter. It could be a repressed sexual urge that you cannot perform in real life, and so your subconcious mind plays out the events for you so you can experience it even though you never do it.

Can you get pregnant during the first tine of sex without a condom?

Yes, unless you haven't had your period yet. Even if you have not had a period yet , you could be ovulating at the time you are having this first sexual experience. Besides, you can get an STD at any age.

Is flashing sexual?

Yes, it can be considered sexual. However it can also be considered indecent exposure and that is against the law. A first time offender can be fined and maybe have to spend time in jail. A second time is considered a felony which can lead to state prison. A third time can lead to a life time as a registered sex offender. The law: Indecent exposure laws in most states make it a crime to purposefully display one's genitals in public, causing others to be alarmed or offended. Indecent exposure is often committed for the sexual gratification of the offender or committed to entice a sexual response. It may seem just a prank to the person doing it but be careful.

How were younger children taught in the 1800s?

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What is first degree sexual assault F2?

First degree sexual assault F2 means that it was a first degree felony. The F2 means that the offense was against a minor child.