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Around $100 in average condition, judging by a few currently being offered on various gun auction websites.

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Q: What age range and value might a Stevens model 820 B savage arms corp chicopee falls mass have?
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How old is a Springfield 12 ga manufactured by J Stevens Arms Company in Chicopee Falls Mass USA and where can you get parts for it?

Stevens/Savage used the Springfield name from about 1915 to 1947 or 48. Parts are where ever you can find them. You might try to contact Savage Arms directly or Numrich Arms ( or your local gunsmith.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Riverside Arms Co Chicopee Mass single shot shotgun patented August 12 1913?

It would have been made by Stevens/Savage between 1920 and 1948. Might be worth $75 on a good day.

Are Stevens or Savage Arms shotguns made in Chicopee Falls Mass?

Yes, they were. Do you have a question about them?..... Perhaps you are having a hard time finding any information on the Savage Arms Corporation Stevens Model 58 Proof Tested 2 3/4" Chamber 12 GA.-B, manufactured in Chicopee Falls, MASS U.S.A. and having no serial #, thus indicating the likelyhood of it's origin falling between the late 1940's and 1969. So was I and apparently we're not alone as is evident by the obviously far educationally superior, original first two comments of this highly intellegent, mature, research intense and resource exhausted response from what must be one of this sites senior tenured members. Poignant and informative, this member surely must be close to the highly honered and revered "Out to FAQFarm Pasture" award. Perhaps we might be graced with a follow-up to this profound beginning with informational links similar to these giving us an idea of the nearly non-exsistant pool of available free information sharing resources on the Savage Stevens Model 58 12 gauge bolt-action shotgun.1) ""418) Stevens, J., Arms and Tool Co., Catalog No. 52 Revised. Chicopee Falls, MA: c. 1905. 128 pp., 8vo. Stiff wrappers, lightly worn, torn at top corner of front wrapper. Comprehensive catalogue of Stevens shotguns and pistols, showing each model as well as all component parts broken out. 15 pages of accessories and 15 pages of cartridges. Models of shotgun include both single and double barrel. $175.002) ""The Following Information Will Help Us To Answer Your Firearms Question.NOTE - Please do not send us free questions about Stevens, Rohm, Iver Johnson, Harrington & Richardson, Crescent or non-military shotguns.3) ""Q. Where do I find information on older model Savage products?A. Savage Arms is no longer able to access historical information on older Savage, Stevens, or Fox firearms. This information may be available through John Callahan who is an independent arms historian and is not an employee of Savage Arms. Mr. Callahan does not provide parts, gun smith services or offer a locator service for firearms or parts. Please send a detailed letter with:-Your name and address-A phone number where you can be contacted if necessary-The model and/or serial number if available-Any other pertinent informationMr. Callahan will respond with a letter detailing his services. Send theletter to:John Callahan53 Quarry RoadWestfield, MA 01085Good day, Good luck, Good grief!!!Chicopee Falls, MassachusettsJ. Stevens Arms Company was established in Chicopee Falls in 1864. The facility was purchased by New England Westinghouse in 1916 and for the next four years no Stevens firearms were manufactured. In 1920 Savage Arms of Utica, New York, purchased the plant and produced Stevens firearms there while continuing to make Savage guns in Utica. About 1946 all of Savage's manufacturing was moved to the Chicopee Falls location, then in September of 1981 the company moved all operations to Westfield, Massachusetts.

What is age of a J Stevens single shot 12 gauge shotgun?

Well i think it might have been made sometime in 1913, send me a picture if u have one . My father has one him self to and i was wondering the price on it. There is no way to find an exact date of manufacture, but "J. STEVENS ARMS COMPANY" was the name used after Stevens became a division of Savage Arms in 1920. If you know it is at least 80 years old, that narrows it down to a 4 year period. Hate to confuse you further, but, according to "Stevens Pistols and Pocket Rifles" by Kenneth L. Cope, the markings "J.StevensArms" was used as early as 1886! I have a rather modest collection of antique Stevens firearms. If you wish, email me a picture of your gun and I`ll try to identify it for you. Flayderman * 1864-1886 J. Stevens & Co. * 1886-1916 J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. * 1916-1942 J. Stevens Arms Co. The Blue Book * Founded 1864 as J. Stevens & Co. * 1886 Changed to J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. * 1916 Plant sold to New England Westinghouse for manufacture of Mosin-Nagant Rifles. * 1920 Sold to Savage Arms and manufactured guns marked J. Stevens Arms Co. * This designation dropped in late 1940's and only the name Stevens used up to 1990 when it was discontinued. The Standard Catalog * 1864 began business as J. Stevens & Company * 1888 incorperated as J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company * 1920 taken over by Savage Arms. I'd say that if it doesn't include the "AND TOOL" part of the name, it's a Savage/Stevens made after 1920. Joe - about $75 in good useable condition. Not a lot more even if in Excellent condition. to whom this may concern My stepdad has one of these shotguns that when bought it came with two barrels one is a 12 and the other is a 20. He has told me that the barrels where 10 and 12 but on my findings it was the other way. On the 20 gauge barrel it says J.Stevens A&T where it was produced and the patent date sept 6 1864 that is stamped big. On the other barrel it is printed very small. I was told that it was bought new by his great grandfather or his great great grandfather it has been use by my stepfather many time when he was a kid it still functions but he will not let me take and shoot it once it does not look pretty but when your well over a hundred years old time takes its toll.If anyone wants to know something about it you can email me at == Fladderman's is referring to the company name changes and not necessarily the MARKING name changes. Here is what the only definitive reference book on Steven's guns says concerning the markings on the guns: 1864-1886 "J. Stevens & Co. Chicopee, Mass. Pat. Sept. 6, 1864" or "J. Stevens & Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. Pat. Sept. 6, 1864" ............................................................................................................................... 1886-1916 "J. Stevens A & T Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA Pat. Sept. 6, 1864" or "J. Stevens Arms Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA" .............................................................................................................................. 1916-1942 "J. Stevens A & T Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA" ................................................................................................................................... Reference: Stevens Pistols And Pocket Rifles by Kenneth L. Cope, publ. Museum Restoration Service, 1971. I happen to have a Stevens single barrel 12 GA with a known family history going back to the 1913-1915 period when it was first used and it has the marking "J. Stevens Arms Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA" which puts it in the pre-1916 period, so it holds true.

What model is serial number 0203 Stevens 22 pump?

We cannot tell from a serial number alone. You might check with Savage Firearms customer service (They own the Stevens brand)

Where do you get a release button for a model 9478 savage Stevens single barrel?

You might contact the company at or Numrich at

When was the 410 Stevens-Savage Model 940 shotgun manufactured?

Try calling Savage. I had a Remington .22 and so I called them and they gave me the history on the Gun. Savage might do the same. Are you sure it doesn't say 94C? If it does, then sometime between 1926 and 1945.

What year was a Stevens model 35 offhand pistol made serial number 35540?

The stevens Model 35 offhand shotgun(even though it is listed as a pistol) was made during the years 1923-1935 in .410 gauge.I do not have a model production breakdown by years with serial numbers though.Maybe savage/stevens might have more info at the savage arms web site?It would be worth a try.

Where can you get schematics for a Stevens model 66?

That is also basically the same as a savage 5, 5a, 56, I have a schematic I got from u might want to check with him

What is the value of a Stevens savage model 416 22 cal target rifle?

Stevens Arms was an American firearms manufacturer founded by Joshua Stevens in 1864 and then bought by Savage Arms in 1920 but still retained the Stevens brand on a number of its low cost rifles and shotguns. The most common and notable of these is the Stevens Model 416 .22 caliber bolt action rifle that carries the long rifle round. A large number of these were supplied to the U.S. military as training rifles. Because these were very common and cheap to manufacture, they might not fetch a valuable price in a collector's point of view.

What is the value of a Stevens Model 94c 28 gauge shotgun made in Chicopee Falls Mass?

Just bought a 16 guage Stevens model 94 C. Paid $55.00 dollars for it. It shoots great, but does have a hairline crack in the stock near the frame. Yours should be in the same price range, maybe a little more since it is a 28 guage. They might be a bit more rare or hard to find. Still you have to find someone who wants it. My advice is to shoot it and enjoy it. Bobby...

How do I find out the model number an old J. Stevens rifle that looks like a .22 and has a octagon barrel and is a single load shot?

Visit a gun shop, a gun show, or a library. Either The Blue Book of Gun Values, Gun Traders Suide, or the Standard Catalog of Firearms. You might also visit the rimfirecentral forum- check under Savage (savage/Stevens/Springfield are interelated)

What is the value of a J Stevens 24 gauge single shot in VG condition Also approximatly when were they made?

Most single shots are worth something less than the $90 needed to buy a brand new one. If it's really a 24 gauge, you have an odd-ball that might bring a few dollars more from a collector who really wants one of every possible size, but still probably would not break the $100 mark. 24 gauge guns were still listed in Stevens' 1936-37 catalog. The approximate age of a Stevens gun can be determined by the way the company name is marked. 1864 - J. Stevens & Co. 1886 - J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. 1916 - No Stevens guns were produced 1920 - J. Stevens Arms Co. 1948 - Stevens (usually accompanied by the Savage name) 1990 - Savage Arms discontinued the Stevens trademark. you could check auction arms or gun broker to see what they sell for

What year was the J Stevens Arms-Springfield 22 sl or lr model 52b rifle manufactured with the number 18 in a circle on the barrel?

The Model 52A was made until 1937, so production of the 52B should have followed that. Both J. Stevens and Springfield were owned by Savage- you might check with their customer service department.

What harmful consequences might result from naive acceptance of the myth of the ecologically noble savage?

What harmful consequences might result from naïve acceptance of the myth of the ecologically noble savage?

What is the value of a limited or special edition Stevens 22 semi auto rifle?

I don't find any special edition Stevens semi-auto's in my reference books. You might try contacting Savage Arms. I doubt if it will be a high-dollar item since the standard models seem to be only $100-$125 in NRA Excellent condition.

How can you find the age of a Stevens 22 caliber bolt action Model 987?

I can't find that model number in the books, but if it is marked just "Stevens" or also has the Savage name, it was made sometime after 1945. It might be new enough that you can get information from the Savage website (see related link) but information on older Stevens firearms is available from the Stevens Historian, Mr. John Callahan, 53 Old Quarry Road, Westfield, MA 01085. Send him all the markings and your daytime phone number. His charge is $15 to research a gun.This gun has been know by many names.Manufactured by Savage-Steven it first took life as the Savage Model 6 that was manufactured between 1938 and 1968.Also known as Springfield 87A.The final version was the Savage-Stevens Model 987.It is basically the same gun with some cosmetic differences.The Model 987 was made between 1981 and 1989 then was finally discontinued.I hope this helps you.

Where can you get a schematic drawing savage 110 rifle?

Savage would be a good place to start. might have one also.

Where do you find parts for a 12 GA single shot George Worthington Co shotgun?

This is a trade name marked on guns made by Stevens. You might check Numrich Gun Parts or Savage Arms with the related links listed on the right side of this page.

How do you find info on a 22sllr Savage Arms Co NY USA pat Dec 25 1906?

hi I might be able to help you but I will need you to answer a few questions if your interested you can email me at LPAUMP1@AOL.COM I collect Stevens and older savage rimfires primaraly single shots and pump actions but have acquired others and info on them to will be glad to try to help and good luck mike

What is the difference between 30-30 Winchester and 30-30 savage?

There is no 30/30 Savage cartridge. You might be thinking of the 300 Savage. It could handle bullet weights beyond the 30/30 Win and deliver more energy.

Can you fly from Reagan airport to Niagara falls Ontario Canada?

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What if a tree falls on a shed?

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What year was savage model775a serial number 214726 made?

I can say that your Savage model 775a shotgun was made between the years 1950-1965.For a more precise date maybe Savage,s own web site might be of more assistance.