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Well It all depends on the health of your horse. An his leg conditions. like if his legs are in good condition or the knees are the size of a basket ball. I have a 23 yr old gelding that im still barrel racing. An he runs consistant 18.3 s on a standard. Or its up to you

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How old should a horse be before starting Barrel Racing?

A horse could be maybe at least 2 years old, depending on their training and how well trained they are. Depending on the horse and its training is when it can start barrel racing. :)

How old should a horse retire?

It depends on the horse. You can tell if they start to get out of breath. If it is a race horse you can tell when they start to slow down. They should retire from racing but you can still ride them for years. Most horses will retire in their 20s. Then they should be put out to pasture.

What should you look for in a barrel racing horse?


Best horse for barrel racing?

the best horse for barrel racing is the American Quarter horse but not all of the quarter horses are excellent for this some are better than others.

What sport is barrel racing?

It is a horse race.

Why is a mustang not best for barrel racing?

They do not have strong hind-quarters and a horse for barrel racing needs them to be able to do fast turns.

What is the salary for a barrel rasing horse trainer?

The salary of a barrel racing horse trainer varies depending on how good you are.

How old is a horse when it can not race anymore?

when it died. A horse can't race anymore when it is permanently limping or has a permanent issue. If you want your horse to be seriously injured you can continue racing it. I have an Arabian who is 20 and fully capable of racing but when we trailered her the first time she injured herself and now has a HUGE scar. I would still be racing her except every time she turns the 2nd barrel on barrel racing she falls because the scar stretches and hurts her. I also have a horse over 30 yrs old and she is still racing w/ a slight limp. If yours has any serious issues you should stop racing it, if not you can keep racing it but when it gets to a point where it doesn't like racing or your not so sure about him/her anymore then you should retire him/her. Hope this helps!! :)

What is the best horse breed for barrel racing?

quarter horses

Can A Thouroghbred Barrel Race?

A Thoroughbred horse can most definitely Barrel Race. Mostly any horse can! If anything, this horse breed can be great a barrel racing because of its speed and flexibility. Have Fun!

What kind of horse should you use for barrel racing?

The quarter horse is the most commonly used barrel racing horse. However, any horse used for most western things can do it, like paints. Any horse can barrel race actualy, just horses built like a quarter horse are the best because they have a nice power house in the hind quarters that let them jump into a run easily, and the build also allows for turning on a dime.

What is gaming a horse?

This is when you take a horse to various games and compete in them such as barrel racing, or pole bending.

What breed of horse is good for Barrel Racing?

Quarter horseor most horses that are bred from America

Is there a specific type of horse for barrel racing?

Just about any type of horse can be trained to do barrel racing. Some horses are just naturally better at it then other horses. Usually you want a horse that is fast and can turn fast. Alot of people use QH and paints. I have Ridden a mustang and a paint in barrel racing and they both did very well.

What is a barrel racer?

A barrel racer is a person who engages in barrel racing - a race in which a horse must be ridden around standing barrels.

How old does the horse have to be to barrel race?

The horse can barrel race as soon as it is trained to barrel race. You can start training it once it is ready to ride and take it to barrel races or I know someone who has a barrel racing 4 yr old. It just depends on when the horse is trained to barrel race. So you could have a 10 yr old not ready or a 3 yr old racing an winning!

What horses do best in barrel racing?

Quarter Horses are the best horse to do barrels.

Do you have to buy into barrel racing?

Yes, I would say so. A finished barrel horse can cost anywhere from $6000 to $12000. You need a good barrel racing saddle and boots for your horse. Not to mention headstalls and bits. Also, barrel racers need a trailer to haul their horse or horses to events. A small trailer an cost $10,000. Most people have matchy matchy boots and saddle pads and outfits too but I'm not really into that.

Barrel racing horses?

I think the first answer is good but I also love palominos. I have one, but any horse can be fit for barrel racing if it has the right build and athletic abilities. Most horses that barrel race are smaller though.

What is the best breed of horse for barrel racing?

Quarter horses do tend to be the best for barrel racing but Arabians are deferentially not suited for it. You can really use any horse for barrel racing but it is SUPER IMPORTANT that you make sure they have the right body build and athletic abilities to preform the task. Arabians typically don't fit the needs. I am a barrel racer myself so please take this advice.

What is safer barrel racing or pole bending?

niether pole bending- pols can fall on can fall may react. barrel racing- barrels fall and hit you.can fall may react.

Is barrel racing an profession?

Absolutely! I want this to be my career along with being a horse trainer.

What is the best breed beside quarter horse for barrel racing?

Quarter horses and paints are both great barrel racers.

How can you encourage your horse to go faster while barrel racing?

Most people discourage the use of a whip or crop. Make sure your horse knows the pattern well before barrel racing. Lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement will encourage your horse to please you and run faster.

In barrel racing how do you keep a horse from going wide?

a tight rein and lots of leg

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