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Q: What age should your golden retriever be given senior dog food?
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Can Jack Russells give birth to golden retriever puppies?

Unless the Jack Russell was bred with a Golden Retriever then no, it is not physically possible. If your Jack Russell has given birth to Golden Retriever puppies, then clearly, your dogs magic. The only solution.

Which president had a dog named liberty?

Gerald Ford was given a female golden retriever that he named Liberty.

Does this sentence contain a prepositional phraseLast year our neighbors adopted a huge golden retriever named Sparky?

No- no prepositions appear in the given sentence.

How old do labrador retriever puppies have to be before they can be removed from their mother?

It can really vary on the length of time before a Labrador retriever puppy can be removed from their mother. Most of the time it should be six to eight weeks before they can even be given out.

When is the right time for golden retriever for matting?

Male or Female? The males will start to get frisky around 6-9 months and will try to breed if given the chance. It's best to wait til there 14-18 months

What is the breed of dog in the movie Soccer Dog - European Cup?

Answer given was: Jack Russell Having just watched the movie, I think we're confusing movies here. According the movie credits the dogs used are a mixed breed. Appear to have some attributes of Terrier and Retriever. Best guess would be Wheaten Terrier/Golden Retriever.

Why is the Golden Ratio called the Golden Ratio?

Because it is an unusual ratio and therefore should be given a different name to differentiate it from other common ratios. Gold is valuable and "Golden" is attributed to that which is attractive. The "Golden Ration" is considered attractive and has many uses.

What age should a pit bull be given senior dog food?

That depends on your particular dog's needs. Senior food is nutritionally different than regular adult food. Talk to your vet about what food is good to be feeding your dog.

What is the name given to a Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd mix?

As far as I can determine there is not a name for them

Where should you keep your golden retriever?

That really depends on your situation. They need to be given as much space as safely possible. Ours has free run of a few acres, but there is a 6 foot fence all the way around to keep him safe. Make sure where ever he is, he is not confined to small areas for extended periods. He needs to be safe from anything that can harm him...chemicals, a mean neighbor, vehicular traffic, other roaming animals, and so on. He should be somewhere that a fresh supply of water is always available.

What Titles should be given on farewell party to seniors?

Farewell titles to seniors should reflect the personality of the person. Titles should always be respectful and of good taste. Pick a title that would not be hurtful because offending the senior could ruin the event. Think about the person when picking a title and reflect their character. For example, if the senior is a person who enjoys jokes then pick a title that has humor.

Are Emmys and Golden Globes the same?

No, the Emmys and Golden Globes are not the same. The Emmys are given to honor achievements exclusively in the American television industry, whereas the Golden Globes are given to honor achievements in foreign and domestic film and television.

What is Medford Area Senior High School's motto?

The motto of Medford Area Senior High School is 'Ordinary is a given. Greatness is achieved.'.

Golden retriever take amoxicillin?

While most drugs given to pets are human drugs one should NEVER self medicate their pet, but take them to the vets. If you are short of money then you can simply get a prescription from your vet, go to a drug store and have the prescription filled. I've done this many times and it's a great deal cheaper. I just tell the pharmacist it's for my dog and how much my dog weighs (much like giving medication to a baby.) I do repeat that a vet should see your pet first and decide on what course of action is needed.

What did the Greek golden apple say?

whoever is the fairest goddess shall be given this golden apple

Where can you get 2009 nco question paper?

by any senior who has given the exam

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The Golden trophy

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The golden boot is given to the top goalscorer in the World Cup tournament.

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The golden glove was given to Iker Casilas the goalkeeper for Spain.

How did the golden mantled tree kangaroo get its name?

I think the golden mantled tree kangaroo has been given its name because of its golden striped coat

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The golden temple was a building where interracial gay orgies were commonly performed by Sikhs. The name golden refers to the golden showers that were often given to visitors.

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