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Q: What age was Lewis Carroll when he started writing?
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When did Lewis Carroll die?

Lewis Carroll died on January 14, 1898 at the age of 65.

How old was Lewis Carroll at death?

Lewis Carroll died on January 14, 1898 at the age of 65.

Where is Lewis Carroll buried?

He is buried in Guildford Cemetery in Surrey. Lewis Carroll enjoyed reasonably good health until the moderately advanced age (for the time) of 66, then died suddenly in 1898 of pneumonia.

Since what age was Lewis Carroll making up nonsense stories?

Since he picked up his pen

When did J.R.R Tolkien start writing?

He started writing at the age of 20 and died at the age of 82

How old would Lewis Carroll be if he was alive now?

Lewis Carroll was born on January 27, 1832 and died on January 14, 1898 at the age of sixty-five. If he were still alive, he would be one hundred and seventy-eight years old.

When did Jeannie Baker start writing books?

she started writing at the age of 3

At what age did Mark Twain start writing?

He started writing at age 12 shortly after his fathers death.

What age did Dr. Seuss start writing?

he started writing novels at the age of 23. i hope this helped you :)

What was the age of anne frank when she started writing in her diary?

Anne started writing in her diary on her thirteenth birthday, June 12, 1942.

How old was Taylor swift when she started writing?

She started writing at the age of 12.

When did Dappy start writing music?

Dappy started writing and performing music at the age of 13.

How old was Jerry Lewis when he began acting?

He started performing at the age of 5.

What age was Rick Riordan when he started writing books?


What age was Stephen crane when he started wrting poems?

Stephen Crane started writing when he was 8

When did Taylor swift start writing songs?

She started at the age of 12.

How did James Patterson become a successful writer?

he started writing books at the age of 5 then his writing ability went on from then

What year did Mark Twain start writing books?

Mark Twain started writing books when he was 37 years of age starting with Gilded Age. The year of 1872

When did Robert Munsch start writing books What age?

Robert Munsch started writting books at the age of 35.

What age did stephemie Meyer start writing books?

Stephenie Meyer started writing books in 2003 with the publishing of Twilight. She never knew she would be a writer at an early age.

When did Ursula K Le Guin first start writing?

ursula le guin started writing at age eleven in 1940

When did Rick Riordan start writing?

He started writing short stories at age 13. However, his first book was published when he was 33.

When did he Mark Twain start writing?

Mark Twain started writing when he was only 12 years of age. Inspired by his own childhood.

Did events in C. S. Lewis's life influence his writing?

Most certainly. It is difficult to write and not have the writer's life have an influence. A large portion of Lewis' writing deals with Christianity, a religion that he embraced at an older age. His relationship with his wife also greatly influenced his writing and his experiences in WW1 were another factor.

How old is Jeanne Birdsall?

well she started writing the penderwicks at age 42 soo........