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What age was Winston churchill at the end of the war?


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43 at the end of World War 1 and 70 at the end of World War 2.


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Winston churchill was in war for about 6 years

Winston churchill Winston churchill

Winston churchill Winston churchill

Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill.

There were actually 3, although for most of the war it was Winston Churchill.Neville Chamberlain was prime minister in 1939 and he was the one who declared war on Germany.In 1940, Winston Churchill was selected to replace him and was prime minister until the end of the war in Europe.Before the surrender of Japan in September, 1945, Churchill was already being replaced by Clement Attlee (who he would succeed in 1951).Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill.Winston ChurchillAnswerWinston Churchill Great Britain didn't have a leader. The head of government of the United Kingdom was Winston Churchill. The head of state was King George VI.

That was Winston Churchill. Atlee replaced Churchill before the Japanese surrendered.

Winston ChurchillNeville Chamberlain until 10 May 1940, Winston Churchill from then until July 1945 and then Clement Attlee.Winston Churchill, Prime Minister Winston Churchillchurchulwinston churchillWinston Churchill

I believe Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of Britain


According to letters from Churchill, prior to the war, he did have certain level of admiration for Mussolini. By the end of the war however Churchill had ordered Mussolini assassinated.

Winston Churchill fought in the First World War and was taken prisoner for a period of time.

Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of Britain during WW2 .

winston churchill was 65 during ww2

Winston Churchill was 65 when he became Prime Minister in 1940.

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of England.

Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister from 1940 until 1945.

Winston Churchill was the prime minister of Britain during World War II.

yes he was also primeminister throughout most of the war

No, Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for most of World War Two.

Sir Winston Churchill led Great Britain in WW2.Sir Winston Churchill led Great Britain in WW2.

Winston Churchill was involved in the Boer War, World War 1 and World War 2 but he is mostly remembered for his leadership during World War 2.

Winston Churchill succeeded Neville Chemberlain in May 1940

Winston Churchill was not the president, he was the Prime Minister, he declared war on Germany

Winston Churchill won the war for Britain.

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