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your dog will stop being in heat about at the age of 10

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Q: What age will your dog stop coming into heat?
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Related questions

Can you prevent a dog coming on heat?

Yes - get her spayed. Keeping her in the house, away from other dogs will not stop her from coming into heat but it will prevent her from getting pregnant.

How can you keep your dog from being in heat other than spaying?

There is no other way you can stop a dog coming on heat its a natural process in animals if you don't won't her coming into season all the time then get her fixed there is no other way other than locking her up when she is on heat .

How can you tell when a dog comes is coming in heat?

Usually dogs come into heat anytime after they are about 6 month of age, their vagina will swell quite a bit, the dog will lick herself a lot, starting with a clear fluid and then blood. If you do not want the dog to go into heat have her spayed at 6 month of age or soon after the first heat.

When will the male dog stop hump female in heat?

The male dog is much like the human dog... it will never stop hump female in heat....ever. The male dog is much like the human dog... it will never stop hump female in heat....ever.

Can a female dog have an injection to stop her coming into season?

By having them spayed you can but other than that no unfortunately you can not. By the way I believe you mean to stop her from coming into to 'heat' is the term they use however into 'season' works just as well, just so you know that is.

When do poodles stop going into heat?

The only way to stop your dog going into heat is to get her spayed, her heat cycles won't stop naturally.

Is there a shot to give a dog when they go in heat to stop it?

No. Get your dog spayed.

What age do dog go into heat?

At about six months, but it varies. If you get your dog fixed, she won't go into heat! :)

What age do dogs stop getting pregnant?

They do not stop. That is why you spay your dog.

At what age dogs stop going into heat?

My 12 year old dog was still going into heat and had her first litter at that age. She only had 2 pups and neither survived We had no idea she was even pregnant. She was a schnauzer She had to be put down at 13 :( But my opinion is they go into heat till they die)Hope this helps

What age does a dog go in heat?

All depends on the dog, ask your vet Typically from four to six months of age.

At what age do Dachshunds go into heat?

Most Dog's have their first heat (or season) at between six months and a year of age.

How long should you wait before bring your dog around a male dog after her period?

It takes one week coming in to heat, one week in heat and one week going out of heat

What age does a female GSD dog go into heat?

Random every dog is different

What is the youngest age to start breeding a dog?

The youngest age any female dog should be bred is on her 3rd heat or at the age of 2year's as before this she is initially a puppy. It is possible however to breed at the 1st heat which will come between 6 and 9month's of age

What age does a labrador dog stops heat?

When you have her spayed.

What is the youngest age a dog can go into heat?

Around six months, but you should never try to breed from a dog at this young age.

At what age do springer spaniels stop going into season?

A dog does not stop going into season no matter what age she is, unless she is spayed.

How do you stop your dog from nesting?

TAKE THE DOG TO THE VET It is common for female dogs to nest while they are in heat.

What age does the periods stop for a dog?

intell it death that wen the body stop working

What is the best way to stop the scent of a dog on heat?

If you are not a registered dog breeder simply have your dog neutered and that will solve the problem permanently.

What age do pit bulls go into first heat?

Dogs usually go into heat around 6 months of age, every dog is different. Some before and after. It is smart to get your dog Spayed around this time.

Can you breed a dog on its second heat?

Depending on the dog's age you can breed. A responsible breeder would only breed when the dog is, at least, one and a half years old. It is recommended that you breed when the dog is on the heat closest to its second birthday.

How can I stop my dog's hair coming out?

the dog might be sheding or just have skin problems? but my dogs only comes out when he sheds.

At what age can a dog stop having babies?

that would depend on type of dog and life expectancy