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Directorate General of Civil Aviation is the agency managing international flights in India (

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Q: What agency manages international flights in India?
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What is the official airline of India?

Air India for International & Indian Airlines for Domestic Flights.

Which agency provide International Standard Book number in INDIA?

What is the difference between air India and Indian air lines?

nothing. air India is international flights Indian airlines owns air India.

What role does Air India play in the development of tourism in India?

Carry the travellers from around the globe to India's metropolitan cities. The international tourists to India get into India through the flights of Air India.

What website will allow one to compare and shop for cheap air tickets to India?

There is a website called Clear Trip. It allows anybody to compare and arrange flights around the domestic parts of India, for international flights to India, you can use a website called Travel supermarket.

How many flights does indigo airlines have in India?

161 flights

Which airline provides cheap flights to India from the USA?

American Airlines provides the cheapest flights to India from the USA. JetBlue airlines provides the next cheapest flights to India from the USA.

How long flights from Denmark to India?

Flights from Denmark to India are approximately 9-10 hours long.

Does Bahrain have good connectivity with India?

Bahrain has got an international airport with links to more than 45 destinations worldwide and over 40 airlines operating flights to all the main international hubs. So there is a connection for India as well. The national carrier Gulf Air operates more than 250 flights a week to Gulf destinations.

When was Central India Agency created?

Central India Agency was created in 1854.

Does Alaskan Air offer flights to India?

Alaskan Air does not seem to offer flights that travel to India. It would appear to me that the majority of their flights remain within the United States.

When was SME Rating Agency of India created?

SME Rating Agency of India was created in 2005.

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