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Everything from Piper Cubs to B-29 Superfortresses saw service as military mail planes, although the US C-47 was perhaps the most common mail carrier.

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A+: Labor

A person delivering the mail is an example of what factor of production?


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Never, I hope.

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Moof counries

What might a mail carrier see in someones yard that would prevent him from delivering their mail?

dog sprinkler no tresspass

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If the mail vehicle is stopped or almost stopped.

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used for mailing rought (delivering mail)

What is airmail?

Airmail is the system of conveying mail using aircraft, or the items of mail so carried.

How was mail transported during World War 1?

It was transported by pigeons!

What does a double solid yellow centerline mean?

It means you can not pass another vehicle.. unless its a tractor or a mail truck delivering mail

How do I report my mail delivery person for not delivering my mail?

Call your local Post office or go online to postal web site.

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