What airplane used the 5-54apq-13 radar?

I was an Radio/Radar repaiman in the Air Force and trained on the "Q-13" Radar, then worked on them at the AF Depot, Tinker AFB, Okla. It was the primary airborne radar system in the early - mid 50s. They were used on the B-17, B-36, XC-199 (Cargo version of the B-36), C-54, KC 97, C-119 and C-124 among others. The antenna was a parabolic dish that was mounted in the nose of the plane and swept back and forth, scanning 45 degrees in front of the plane. It could be switched to make a full rotation. At Tinker we used a bench mounted set to track Sputnic. We had to do a slight mod to extend the tracking distance from the normal 200 miles.