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What alcohol is Justin Timberlake referring to in his song 'LoveStoned' when he says 'she grabs the yellow bottle'?



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I have been wondering the same thing for years!

I have heard the "yellow bottle" reference in a few songs. Chris Brown's "Look at me now" is one of them and also Jay-Z's "Best of Me" (remix) feat. Mya.

According to the Rapgenius website, which seems pretty knowledgeable on the meaning of lyrics, "yellow bottle" refers to:

Ace of Spades 750ml $299.99
Armand de Brignac is produced by Armand de Brignac Champagne of Reims, France. The Cattier family has owned and cultivated land in the Champagne region's Montagne de Reims Terroir since 1763, and coined the Armand de Brignac name in the 1950s. Armand de Brignac bottles are filled, corked, and cultivated by hand by our caretakers throughout the aging process. The Armand de Brignac cellars are considered the deepest in the Reims Terroir.

The bottle (pictured in the link below) is gorgeous, yellow, and ridiculously expensive.

Justin Timberlake works with many different producers and typically has some hip hop-feel to his music so this doesn't surprise me that the "yellow bottle" reference was made in his song as well as a few other hip hop songs.

Hope this helps!!!!