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Martin Luther king helped women stand up for their own rights of freedom

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not all of martin Luther king jr dream has come true but what has changed is that blacks and whites are treated equally

" Unjust law is no law at all" you suck eggs and ...... == ==

Martin Luther King speeches were mainly about his dream and how much he wanted to change the rights for all african americans.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted equality for all races. He started the Civil Rights Movement to end segregation.

Martin Luther King tried to help bring equality to all blacks and whites in America

martin Luther king jr. was arrested in 1962. so sad

yes, martin Luther king had children. but all i know is that he had 1 boy who took his place

Martin Luther King opposed sacerdotalism and considered all baptized Christians to be a holy priesthood.

The thing you can learn from Martin Luther King Jr is that he wanted peace all over the world.

Martin Luther King JR. took a stand by treating all races equally!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not have a favorite person. He loved all his people.

Martin Luther king believed in god and his freedom he wanted everyone to know were not different we are all the same.

he got the Nobel Peace Prize for being dr martin Luther king jr and all that.

Martin Luther King junior was human. Like all humans he made mistakes.

Martin luther king jr wished americans wer`et juged by there skin color.

I believe Martin Luther King Jr had a massive effect on people all around the world

Martin Luther king gives freedom to all kind no matter what colour of skin. Martin Luther king stopped racism, racism is when someone hates another because he has a different skin colour

To find more about him go to "www.martin Luther king jr. .com".

Martin Luther King Jr's kid's names are Yolanda Denise King, Bernice Albertine King, Martin Luther King III, and Dexter Scott King. All but Yolanda are still alive. His wife's name was Coretta Scott King.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a desire to unite people of all ethnicities. He had a dogged determination to make it work.

Many white people did hate him, but not all of them did. White people that were afraid that their way of life was going to dramatically change, and were afraid of this change certainly hated Martin Luther king. The whites that wanted blacks to have rights certainly did not hate him.

Martin Luther King tried to end segregation of all kinds forever. If he had lived, he may have tried to make world peace.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream was for all races to have equal human rights and oppurtunities.

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