What all do you need to send into the IRS for taxes. I have my W2's for both jobs and my fully filled out 1040ez. Is that all I need to send and how do I know which IRS branch to send it to as well?

If that is the only tax forms you received then that is all that you will need to send in attached to your 1040EZ form. The best place to look for the address is on the instructions for the tax form that you are using. The best place to get this is to go to the IRS website at irs.gov. You go to the forms and publication section and put in 1040EZ and it will pull up the tax form and the instructions for the tax form. It is best that you print this out and go over the section on what form to use if your not sure and also there is a section on where to file. The addresses will be listed depending on which state you live in.