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What did Thomas Jefferson do?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, foundedthe University of Virginia, was the author of the "Notes on theStates of Virginia", the "The Life and Morals of Jesus ofNazareth", and the "Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom", was amember of the Continental Congress, a member of the ( Full Answer )

Thomas Jefferson timeline?

1743-born on April 13 1757-father dies 1772-marries Martha Wayles Skelton 1774-daughter Jane is born 1775-daughter Jane dies 1776-signs the Declaration of Independence 1778-daughter Mary is born 1780-daughter Lucy is born 1781-daughter Lucy dies 1782-daughter Lucy is born 1782-wife Martha dies 1785- ( Full Answer )

Where was Thomas Jefferson from?

Thomas Jefferson was born, grew up, went to college and died in Virginia. He Jefferson was born in Shadwell, Virginia, and later lived on his estate called Monticello, near Charlottesville.

What was Thomas Jefferson?

Before he became president he was a planter, lawyer, writer, philosopher, scientist, and a architect. he was the author of the declaration of independence and he became the third president of the United States in 1801.

How come Thomas Jefferson did not release all his slaves?

He wanted to but was in so much debt from importing rich Europeanfood that he couldn't afford it. Slaves were property and weretherefore worth money; if he released them, he would be giving awaywhat wasn't his to give away [not his money]. Also, he thought itwas cruel to release them to the streets ( Full Answer )

Was Thomas Jefferson in the Sons of Liberty?

The Sons of Liberty was a secret organization that was guilty ofacts of treason against the British Crown. For that reason, therewere no records of the membership, but it is widely believed thatThomas Jefferson, along with Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, and PaulRevere were members of the Sons of Liber ( Full Answer )

What personal qualities did Thomas Jefferson have?

Thomas Jefferson was very intelligent, determined, happy,polite, industrious, and hard working. He had perseverance,ingenuity, audacity, and he was a great dreamer. He was described by turns asJEFF!!!!!!!!!!!! . courteous but reserved, sensitive and perceptive, even-temperedand relaxed, seeming shy ( Full Answer )

Did Thomas Jefferson have teeth?

Ya! his teeth were kind of brown. they didn't have much dental care around that time. so yes. i must go now. tata, tuteloo, cherio!,ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................bye!!!!

What did Thomas Jefferson like to do as a child?

Thomas Jefferson enjoyed reading books, and doing a variety of things an average kid would do. Play on playgrounds ,explore etc. One thing we know is that TJ (Thomas Jefferson) enjoyed rummaging through vineyards, later on in life he enjoyed tasting and drinking wine.

Why did Thomas Jefferson own slaves?

historians are not quite sure why Jefferson didn't set his slaves free. he inherited slaves from various people including his father, but Jefferson knew that slavery was wrong. so your question is a good one... why did he continue to own slaves? some people have suggested that thomas Jefferson tho ( Full Answer )

How did Thomas Jefferson change history?

who cares about this stupid answer but the answer is is that people singed the Declaration of Independence becaus they believed in it and about 24 people signed it

What did Thomas Jefferson do in his life?

he was the third president . he also wrote the declaration of independence . was in the house of burgesses . founded the university of virgina . and purchased Louisiana from the french Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Thomas_Jefferson's_life#ixzz27zzuYHbO

Was Thomas Jefferson DNA tested?

Thomas Jefferson's DNA was never testing. It has been alleged thatThomas Jefferson fathered several children from the slaves heowned.

Who did Thomas Jefferson look up to?

There are more but the only two I can think of right now are Benjamin Franklin and his(Jefferson's) law teacher George Wythe

What are natural rights all people are entitled to according to Thomas Jefferson?

Federalist paper #84 Here, in strictness, the people surrendernothing; and as they retain every thing they have no need ofparticular reservations. "WE, THE PEOPLE of the United States, tosecure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, doORDAIN and ESTABLISH this Constitution for the ( Full Answer )

Who was Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was a Virginia planter, politician,and Founding Father of the US. He was the primary author of theDeclaration of Independence in 1776, and the first US ambassador toFrance. He was later elected the 3rd President of the US. He hadsix children with his wife Martha Skelton ( Full Answer )

Who was Thomas Jefferson and what did he do?

Thomas Jefferson's presidency initiated the quarter-century rule ofthe "Virginia Dynasty" (1801-1825), including the presidencies ofloyal Jeffersonians James Madison (1809-1817) and James Monroe(1817-1825). As the center of political gravity shifted southwardwith the Republican ascendancy, the party ( Full Answer )

Did Thomas Jefferson include women when he wrote all men are created equal?

No nor slaves. Women didn't have rights in Jefferson's time. They couldn't own land, have a bank account, go to college, and vote. It won't be until the 1920's that women will get the right to vote and in many cases women won't be able to many jobs until recently. A good example of this is women in ( Full Answer )

Who is Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson was an American Founding Father, a principle author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States. He was also a tobacco planter and life-long slave owner. President #5 - jeffeRson

Who is Thomas Jefferson and what he do?

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. He did a lot of things. 1) Bought the Louisiana Territory. 2) Sent Louis and Clark on their expedition. 3) Was governor of VA 4) Was a member of the VA HOUSE OF BURGESSES. 5) Wrote the VA Statute for Religious Freedoms. 6) Was minister t ( Full Answer )

What did Thomas Jefferson mean when he wrote all differences of opinion are not necessarily differences of principle?

"I'm a patriot. I support the invasion of Iraq. Therefore people against the invasion of Iraq aren't patriots." Two patriots both equally intent on acting in the best interest of their peoples and country disagree with each other as to how to go about that. The difference in opinion doesn't automat ( Full Answer )

Personal information about Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson was born in Albemarle County, Virginia in 1743. His father, Colonel Peter Jefferson,was a planter and public official. Sadly, he passed away when Thomas was only fourteen. He grew up with the orphaned children of William Randolph, his father's friend, and six sisters and one brother ( Full Answer )

What did Thomas Jefferson do when he was a lawyer?

Early in 1767, Jefferson was admitted to the bar of Virginia, and entered at once the practice of his profession. Jefferson was an accurate, painstaking and laborious lawyer and his business blossomed. Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States and one of the drafters of the ( Full Answer )

Was Thomas Jefferson a freemason?

Was Thomas Jefferson a Freemason? This question has been asked by Masons and others and not conclusively answered for 200 years. In 1960, Brother William R. Denslow, Masonic scholar and editor of the Transactions of the Missouri Lodge of Research, concluded that Jefferson was not a Mason, saying all ( Full Answer )

Was Thomas Jefferson a good father?

Google "Thomas Jefferson" and read about him. He was one of the most important men in American history - not all good, but willing to study anything.

Where was Thomas Jefferson barried?

The 3rd President of the United States Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826 and was buries in Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia.

What great skills did Thomas Jefferson have?

On top of being one of the main authors of the Constitution, Jefferson was an artitecht (he designed his own home Monticello), a botanist, a writer, a lawyer, and he was the founding father of the university of Virginia, and as i asume you know he was President of the united states. But the 3 accomp ( Full Answer )

Trivia about Thomas Jefferson?

His first name is Thomas nicknames: Tom, TJ, or if you wanna get fancy, Jeff He held a relationship with a young slave and is rumored to have fathered several of her children. serious. not kidding He was the 3rd president He wrote the Declaration of Independence negotiated Lousiana purchase There is ( Full Answer )

Did Thomas Jefferson purchase Louisiana?

yes. he purchased it from the french in 1803. When he was the president was when he had purchased Louisiana so YES he did buy Louisiana No

How did Thomas Jefferson make money?

Most of his income came from his plantation. Tobacco was the main cash crop. He earned a salary as president and in some of his other government jobs.

Who was Thomas Jefferson referring to when he said all men are created equal?

The exact meaning of this phrase has been debated quite extensively. The meaning and interpretation of such a simple statement has changed over time. One meaning is the God created all human beings and gave them all the same status at birth. Another meaning is that all human beings were grante ( Full Answer )

Why was Thomas Jefferson a slave owner all his life?

"Jefferson tried his best, as an enlightened, thoughtful individual might. But the structure of American society, the power of the cotton plantation, the slave trade, the politics of unity between northern and southern elites, and the long culture of race prejudice in the colonies, as well as his ow ( Full Answer )

When Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal to who was referring to?

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and stated that "all men are created equal" he was referring to all free, property-owning men. At the time of writing this document Thomas Jefferson had over 200 slaves and considered them property. The beauty of this statement is that it ( Full Answer )