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World War 2 was of two alliances. The Axis, and the Allies. Great Britain and U.S.A were on the Allies side.

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America, France and Canada all fought with Great Britain.

Great Britain fought against Austria-Hungary and Germany. Italy was going to join the Triple Alliance before the war but decided to stay neutral.

In the First World War, Great Britain, France, and Russia fought against Germany. Germany was part of an alliance called the Central Powers.

Great Britain, France, the USA

Because Great Britain fought it, Great Britain won it, and Great Britain wrote about it and produced films about it.

Britain fought alongside the Allied Powers.

The Grand Alliance was an alliance made during World War II, which joined together the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. The United States was led by Franklin Roosevelt, the Soviet Union by Joseph Stalin, and Great Britain by Winston Churchill.

Russian was part of the "Great Alliance," and fought against the Axis Evils.

The Allied powers- US, Great Britain, France, Russia The Central powers- Austral-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Germany

The Triple Alliance(Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy) and the Triple Entente(France, Britain, and Russia)

The oppressor in World War 1 was Germany. Germany was part of the Central Powers alliance and fought against the Allies who included Britain and the USA.

'The Big Three' In World War II consisted of: Great Britain The USA The Austrian Alliance (Russia) and the leaders were: Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin

The grand alliance existed during World War II. The United States, Soviet Union, and Great Britain all made up the grand alliance. The Grand Alliance is the title of volume three in Churchill's novel The Second World War.

The Us formed and Alliance with Great Britain and the Soviet Union. together the three countries led the Allies in the fight agains Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan).

Britain in WW I was part of an alliance known as the Triple Entente (entente is French for understanding) which also included France and Russia. The US later joined the alliance, helping to defeat the opposed alliance which was known as the Central Powers.

World War I was fought by the Triple Alliance (or, Entente) against the Central Powers. The major nations of the Triple Alliance were Great Britain, France, and Russia, with numerous smaller nations collaborating and then, from 1917, the United States, as well. The Central Powers consisted of Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire, with the minor nation of Bulgaria eventually joining this group of combatants.

Germany, Japan and Italy fought against Russia, Great Britain and America.

Canada fought with the Allies: U.S., Great Britain, the Soviet Union.

Axis powers, mainly Germany, Italy and Japan.Britain fought Germany, Italy, Japan in WW2.

The bloody Crimean War was fought in Europe between Russia and an alliance of Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire and Sardinia

Because brigadier general Jack Hornsby served in world war one and eventually merged Germany and Britain, making Britain Germany and fought against the great french austro Hungarian and Russian alliance and won in the end he executed all but his own council tosh samkange and kristian olberg.

the Great Britain, france,Russia formed an alliance but during the world war 1 they were called the allied powers.

Great Britain, United States, and the Soviet Union EDIT: The Grand Alliance was the result of Adolf Hitler's reign over Nazi Germany. Because the other countries were threatened by his reign, the United States, USSR, and Great Britain came together, also known as the Grand Alliance, in order to stop Germany during WWII.