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What alliance won World War 1?

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*The United Kingdom, France and Russia along with Spain, Japan, the USA and other countries defeated... *The Triple Alliance (aka Cenral Powers) composed of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy & their other allies. *Spain was neutral in WW1 (and WW2) and didn't belong to either alliance in WW1. *Although Italy was a member of the Triple Alliance it entered WW1 in 1915 on the side of the Entente. *Russia defeated by Germany in 1917 and pulled out of the war in March 1918.

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What alliance was most powerful in 1914 world war 1?

triple alliance was the powerfull alliance in 1st world war

Which alliance won world war 1?

World War 1 was won by the Allied Powers, also known as the Entente. At the outbreak of war it consisted of France, the UK, and Russia, but by the end of the war Russia had left and Italy and the US, among others, had joined.

What alliance did the US join and fight with in world war 1?

the tripple alliance

What was the World War 1 alliance that included Germany Austria Hungary Turkey and Bulgaria?

The Central Powers was the name of this World War I alliance.

When was the dual alliance invented in world war 1?

Dual Alliances were not invented in World War I. Any time two countries were allied in a military alliance, it was a dual alliance. It was just the name of an alliance in the WWI period.

What is the alliance that fought the allies in World War 1?


Was world war 1 won solely on the battlefield?

World War I was not in fact won solely on the battlefield. While the land-battles and conflicts at sea were important, the primary key to ultimate victory was moral and logistical; that is, the demoralization of the German military combined with the increasing logistical might of the Alliance-nations was what finally brought victory to the Alliance.

Why did World War I become entrenched?

World war 1 became entrenched because of the alliance system

When did Canada find out about World War 1?

When the British declared war on the Triple Alliance.

Germany attempting to form a military alliance with Mexico was what war?

World War 1

What alliance lost World War 1?

The Triple Alliance (the Central Powers) lost World War I. This included Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.

What was significant about Russia entering World War I?

Russia entered World War 1 through an alliance with Austria. World War 1 caused much distress with Russia's people. Many weapons came to the hands of peasants. World War 1 was a main contribution to starting the Russian Revolution. The alliance was not with Austria. Russia fought Austria. The alliance was with France against Germany.

Did America won World War 1?

No, the alliance won, of which the USA was a part along with France, Russia and Great Britain and her colonies who also made huge contributions in both men and supplies.

Who did the US have an alliance with before world war 1?

Great britain

Was Germany part of the Triple Alliance in World War 1?

Yes it was.

What alliance was Russia in before World War 1?

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Which alliance during World War 1 had more members?


What country did Russia have a secret alliance with in world war 1?

Its a secret

What alliance did Germany belong in World War 1?

The central powers.

What alliance was Germany apart of in World War 1?

Axis Powers.

What country did NOT fight with their alliance in World War 1?

great britian

Who were we in alliance with in world war 1 and 2?

principally, England and France

Who did Bulgaria have an alliance with in World War 1?

Germany, Austria, Turkey

What was the groups called in World War I?

The groups that where in the world war 1 are called The Triple Alliance and The Triple Entente.

What were some pressures for war in World War 1?

Imperialism, nationalism, militarism, and the alliance system.