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What allowed the Tlingit to develop technology?

you guys need to go to a different website because this has no answer

What are some examples of tlingit technology?

cotton and clay

What technology was important to develop the cell theory?

the most important technology used to develop the cell theory was the microscope

How did technology help sumerian civilization develop?

technology helped sumerian civilization develop by machines and other things.

Where does technology usually develop from?

Technology usually develops from innovation and creativity.

When did Technology develop in the 1900s?

actually technology started before 1600s

How do you pronounce Tlingit?


How do you use Tlingit in a sentence?

The Tlingit people are from southeast Alaska. I am Tlingit.

More about the tlingit?

what was the tlingit like

What is the Tlingit population?

What was the tlingit population

What is the tlingit environment like?


What technology did the allies develop?

Atomic Bomb

Which is the goal of science?

to develop new technology

What Technology allowed people to move west?

The technology that allowed people to move to the west would be the railroad such as the First Transcontinental Railroad.

How do you say Tlingit?

Tlingit is pronounced "KLINK-it".

What are facts about the tlingit Indians?

tlingit are master fisher men tlingit lickes black and red

What is the difference between language technology?

A language is the one which provides Protocols to develop a technology...

What forms of technology did haida Indians develop?

what forms of technology did Haida Indians developed

What technology did the Tlingit Indians use?

The Tlingit people, like many other Native tribes, developed tools like spears and hatchets to help them build things and find food so they could live successful, thriving lives.

Scientists who use principles to develop new technology work in the field of?

Scientists who use principles to develop new technology work in the field of applied science.

Why was salmon an important resource for the Tlingit?

why was salmon an important resource for the tlingit why was salmon an important resource for the tlingit

What did the Tlingit trade?

the Tlingit traded by sea on canoes

Did the Tlingit Indians ride horses?

no the tlingit did not have horses.

What are the tlingit tribe traditions?

The Tlingit did many dances!

What was the land forms were the tlingit lived?

tlingit landforms