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15 Amendment

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Q: What amendment allowed African Americans vote?
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What amendment allowed African Americans to vote?

15 Amendment

What year were blacks allowed to vote?

in 1867 the 15th amendment was passed, allowing African-Americans to vote

Are women allowed to vote under the 15th amendment?

No, the 15th Amendment allowed all males to vote (the amendment was intended to allow African Americans to vote). Women could not vote (in most circumstances) until the 19th Amendment.

Which group of americans gained the right to vote under the Twenty-sixth Amendment?

The African Americans we're able to vote when the twenty-sixth amendment came into place.

When were African Americans allowed to vote in presidential elections in the US?

The Fifteenth Amendment guaranteed African Americans the right to vote in 1869, although the amendment was not technically ratified until 1870. Even before that though, African Americans had been given the right to vote in the District of Columbia all the way back to 1867.

What year were African Americans legally able to vote?

1867, when the 15th amendment passed. The 15th amendment allowed all African American MEN to vote. hope this helped! -Chloe R. Desena

The twenty fourth amendment helped african americans to vote by?

The twenty-fourth amendment helped African Americans to vote by eliminating poll taxes.

What allowed African-Americans to vote?

The 15th amendment passed in 1870. Some had voted before then, but that amendment made it official nation wide.

Who was not allowed to vote in 1800?

white males (african americans gained the right to vote with the 15th amendment in 1870 and women did not gain the right to vote until 1920 with the ratification of 19th amendment.)

What Act allowed the federal government to register African Americans to vote?

The 15th Amendment prohibited discrimination based on race or color. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 preventing restrictions imposed by the states allowed African Americans the freedom to vote.

Which amendment gave African-Americans suffrage?

13th amendment No, you fool. That Amendment abolished slavery. The XVth Amendment gave African-Americans the right to vote.

When were African Americans allow to vote in the us?

With the addition of the fifteenth amendment in 1870. That was almost 50 years before women were allowed to vote!

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