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The Marlin model 1894, chambered in .44mag, will accept all factory .44 magnum ammunition. I recommend jacketed or semi-jacketed ammo to prevent lead from fouling the barrel. Other than that, you're good with any "off the shelf" .44 magnum ammunition you choose.

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Most used marlin model 1894 cowboy rifles have been selling for 575 dollars and up,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

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It used to indicate 30 caliber, 30 grains of smokeless powder. Not sure if that is still true. It started out as 30WCF meaning 30 caliber Winchester Center Fire. Marlin used 30-30 to make their models.

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That rifle was made for Sears by Marlin and is basically the same as the Marlin Model 81. Used stocks for the Marlin can be used, or new unfinished stocks can be had for around $65.

The current value of these marlin rifles range from 275-350 dollars.

The same Marlin Firearms company the makes rifles USED to. From 1870-1899, Marlin produced very well made Derringers and revolvers.

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The CS is just another abbrev. used by marlin during the long production on the model 336.The CS was used by marlin on the model 336 during 1984-2000.The CS usually referred to Carbine standard.

This is the Marlin "Bullseye" trademark has been used since 1922.

This is the Marlin "Bullseye" trademark has been used since 1922.

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