What amphibian starts with F and loses its tail when it is an adult?

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Examples of amphibians with tail?

There are many different types and species of amphibians around theworld. Newts and Salamanders are types of amphibians with tails.

Why do lizards lose their tails?

It a defensive mechanism. If a predator attempts to eat a lizard and the lizard loses his tail the predator has a choice between a fleeing lizard or a easy tail.

What happens if a salamander loses its tail?

It grows a new one. If a salamander loses a limb it can still grow a new one. Mammals are a little jealous of this ability of the lower animals. If you remember your spider-man comics the super-villian 'the lizard' started out as a scientist trying to regrow his severed arm.

How did Broly lose his tail?

How did Broly lose his tail . he never did lose his tail... as they reborn Broly in the 3rd and most suckish Broly movie... He was naked in a medical tank type of thing... tail and all

How do tadpoles lose their tails?

\nActually, I believe, they don't so much "lose" their tail as they have their tale recede. As a tadpole grows it grows it's legs, then the tail gets shorter and shorter till it is nonexistent.

Do roosters lose their tail feathers?

Some, but not all roosters lose their tail feathers. When a roosterdoes lose his tail feathers, it is down to the molting process.

Does a stingray lose it tail after striking?

Yes, a stingray often loses its spine when it injures another creature. This occurs largely due to the relatively weak connection between the spine and the tail, the often surprising force of this defensive reaction and the anchor-like teeth of the spine, which tend to lodge in tissue like a series ( Full Answer )

Losing brake pressure when you start your 1995 f 350?

you loose brake pressure when u start engine. this is supposed to happen. pedal will be hard until engine is started and the vaccuum pump works to assist the poer brakes if the pedal goes to the floor , maybe you need to adjust the brakes. if the vaccuum pump is not working , it will feel like you a ( Full Answer )

How do adult amphibians obtain oxygen?

Amphibians as larvea or tadpoles use gills to obtain oxygen. They then go into a metamorphic stage where they have both gills and developing lungs, and as adult they breath through lungs as we do.

How do Most adult amphibians obtain oxygen?

Most adult amphibians use a combination of lungs and gas exchange through the skin to breathe. In order for gas exchange to occur through the skin, the amphibian's skin must be moist. Some amphibians use gills or a special lining of the mouth to obtain oxygen.

Why do adult dogs chase their tails?

Just about every dog owner has observed the family pet engage in the activity of tail chasing. Dogs chasing their tails is certainly not an unusual phenomenon, but the behavior often baffles the owners and in some cases seems to be so common that the activity borders on being an obsession. Various e ( Full Answer )

Do some lizards lose their tails?

All lizards can lose their tails by getting it eaten off or something, but some lizards can 'lose' their tails. As in, if you frighten it or catch it by the tail, the lizard could detatch the tail from their body (and it would still move to confuse the attacker), and they could run away and regenera ( Full Answer )

Can squirrels lose their tail?

Yes. they fall off after a certain age. like in china they fry them up and put them in there wong tong soup . Very good ! you should try it !

Are all amphibians tail-less?

Not all amphibians are tail-less. In fact, all amphibians start out as tadpoles which have tails. Some amphibians, such as frogs and toads lose their tails when they become adults. Other amphibians, such as newts and salamanders, do not lose their tails.

Does Emma lose her tail in H2O?

No, you only have the chance once in 50 years so by the time she loses her tail hse'll be 67

How did vegeta lose his tail?

In the very first battle of Vegeta and Goku, Vegeta turned into a Great Ape and was about to kill Goku when Yajirobe cut off his tail so he turned back into a normal person.

Do adult amphibians have lungs?

When amphibians are babies, they have gills, but most adult amphibians breathe with a pair of lungs excluding salamanders. .

Where do must amphibians start their lives?

Seeing that they're amphibians and babies I would put a safe bet on the water. On land and being so small they don't stand a chance between bigger predators. At least in the water they can swim and hide

Do all amphibians start as tadpoles?

No. Different amphibians have different life cycles. Only frogs and most species of toads start life as tadpoles.

Will Naruto loses his tailed beast?

i think so if u red the manga episode 489 at the end u will know it ends when naruto starts to decide to keep it or lose it

What should a dog do if it loses its tail?

Carry on regardless. There was a widespread barbaric practice of removing the tails of some dogs for esthetic reasons. Fortunately this is almost irradicated.

Why would a cardinal lose her tail?

A cardinal could lose it's tail for many reasons. one of them could be if it got into a fight with another animal or bird. it could lose it tail from being frozen off in winter...etc...

Can a gecko lose its tail?

Some types of geckos can loose their tails. For example leopard geckos loose their tails, but they grow back.any gecko can make their tale fall of as a defense against predators so never pick it up by its tail

What amphibians start with O?

Oak Toad is a species of toad foundin the coastal regions of southeastern United States. OdaigaharaSalamander is a species of salamander found in Japan.

What happens if a kangaroo loses its tail?

A kangaroo that lost its tail could only do so through violent circumstances, which would result in the animal dying from shock. Any animal that survived would be unable to hop, and therefore unable to escape from predators.

Do frogs develop tails as adults?

no, adult frogs do not have tails. although frogs do have tails when they are young, but they loose them.

When do you start to lose all your teeth to get adult teeth?

The first of the baby teeth (also called "milk teeth" and "deciduous teeth") begn to fall out about age five. They are gradually replaced by the newly erupting adult teeth, a process ususally complete by age 12-13. The exception is wisdom teeth, which, if they erupt at all, begin to do so about age ( Full Answer )

How can a cow lose its tail?

Fescue toxicity from the Endophyte fungus that is found in Tall Fescue. That and genetic diseases that can cause a calf to be born without a tail.

Do hamsters lose tail?

this is hard to awncer! i dont think so .....hamsters i had didnt loose their tale.....unfortunetaly some hamsters may loose their tale in a figh but that dosent happen any ofenn...i hope i helped ;)

How did the bear lose its tail?

There are many variations of Native American tales or lore as to how the Bear lost his tail. For such a stories, please see the related links below. since bears eat honey, it prevents them from growing tails. just like humans. they eat honey and they have no tails. either that or the bear lost a bet ( Full Answer )