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The products of a neutralization reaction are water and a salt.

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Is sulfuric acid an ionic compound?

No, it is a molecular compound.

Is sulfuric acid an ionic or covalent compound?

It is an Ionic compound (as far as i guess)

Is AgNO3 an acid ionic compound or a molecular compound?

AgNO3 is a soluble ionic compound of silver.

What is an acid reacting with a base called?

All acids react with bases. The reaction is called neutralisation reaction. Mostly ionic salts are produced and water.

Is perchloric acid an ionic compound?

No, it is a molecular compound.

What common compound is mabe by reacting salicylic acid with ethyl acetate?

This compound is acetyl salicylic acid or aspirin.

Is sulphuric acid an ionic compound?

Acids are ionic compounds.

Is Hydrobromic acid an ionic or covalent?

Hydrobromic Acid (HBr) is an ionic compound. (All acids and bases are ionic)

Is hydrochloric an ionic compound?

Hydrochloric is not an ionic compound, in fact, its full name is hydrochloric acid, which leads us to the conclusion that it is an acid.

What gas does acid and bicarbonate make?

Reacting an acid with a bicarbonate compound produces carbon dioxide gas. This is the gas produced in the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar (aqueous acetic acid) reaction.

Is h2so4 an ionic compound or a molecular compound?

Sulfuric acid is a molecular compound.

What is the complete ionic equation for potassium carbonate reacting with hydrochloric acid?

total ionic equation (also known as the complete ionic equation) for the reaction of potassium carbonate with hydrochloric acid

What is the formation of an ionic compound?

An ionic compound may be obtained after the reaction of an acid with a base. The link between the cation and anion is ionic.

CH3COOH covalent or ionic compound?

Acetic acid is covalent compound.

Is citric acid ionic or covalent?

Citric acid is a covalent compound!

Is salicylic acid a ionic compound or covalent compound?

covalent compound by its texture and shape

Is ammonium nitric acid a ionic or covalent?

There is no compound called ammonium nitric acid. Ammonium nitrate is ionic.

What happens if you mix chlorine bleach and acid?

Chlorine bleach is a base so a base and an acid will give you a salt (or ionic compound) and water. In order to come up with the equation for the reaction, you would need the formula of chlorine bleach and of the acid you are reacting it with.

Is NiCl2 an acid?

I guess it is neither acid not base .. it is ionic compound (neutral)

Is HiO3 an ionic compound?

HIO3 is a strong acid that dissociates in water into H+ and IO3- ions, so it is an ionic compound.

What is the ionic charge of carbonic acid?

Zero. A compound will never have a net ionic charge.

Is phosphoric acid an ionic compound?

No, phosphoric acid is a covalent compound because it's made of two non metals.

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