What and how much currency can be taken while touring holland from India?

Hi, Prefereably US$ or Euros. "How much" is depending on how long you are going to stay in India. In my opinior apart from your To & Fro ticketing charges (flight tickets from your country to any of the Indian International Airports, New Delhi or Mumbai) around USD 15, 000 or Eur 12, 000 should be enough for a 10 day stay . USD 1 = Indian Rupees (INR) 40
Eur 1 = Indian Rupees (INR) 60 approximately General Tariffs at Hotels Per Night Indian Rupees is 2500 (Budget) to 55, 000 (Suit)

1 Course Meal in INR 150 (Budget)

Travel between any of the major places by AIR is less than INR 8000. Hope this helps