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What and when is inauguration day?

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Inauguration day is a day that marks the beginning of something, usually a new administration of a government agency, university or other organization. It features the swearing in , or other ceremony, to put in place a new leader.

For US presidents, Inauguration Day is on January 20 of the year after the election, held every 4 years.

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What was the warmest inauguration day?

the warmest inauguration day has not happened yet the warmest inauguration day has not happened yet

What day is inauguration day celebrated?

Usually Inauguration Day is celebrated on January 20th. If it falls on a Sunday the inauguration will be on Saturday and then will be shown on the following Monday. This is when Inauguration Day is celebrated.

Whose inauguration was coldest inauguration day on record?

Ronald Reagan's inauguration was the coldest inauguration day on record. The temperature was 7°F.

Are the banks open on inauguration day?

Yes, Inauguration Day is not a National Holiday.

Where is inauguration day celebrated?

Usually Inauguration Day is celebrated in Washington D.C. Though, the first inauguration for George Washington was held in New York, these days we celebrate Inauguration day in Washington D.C.

Where is inauguration day?

The presidential inauguration is in the state capitol Washington D.C.

When is the President Inauguration Day?

The Presidential Inauguration Day is held on January 20. The term of the president officially starts at noon on that day.

When do you have to turn 35 to be electable- by inauguration day or by voting day?

You must be 35 by inauguration day, in order to take office.

What is the Presidents inauguration month?

The next Inauguration Day will be January 20, 2009. hat is the day when the new president is sworn in.

Is the NYSE closed for inauguration day?

Yes, it is closed on inauguration day (Jan 19th, 2009) because it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

In the US what date is the Presidential Inauguration day?

By the US Constitution as amended, Inauguration Day is 20 January every four years.

What legislation did congress pass the day after Franklin Roosevelts inauguration?

Congress passed the Emergency Banking Bill the day after FDR's inauguration.

When in January is Inauguration day?

inauguraton day is on January 20, 2009 BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Presidential Inauguration day is always on January 20 folowing the election.

How old was Barack Obama when he was at his inauguration?

Barack Obama was 47 on Inauguration Day in January 2009.

What is the coldest inauguration day on record?

Ronald ReagenWhen The Coldest March Inauguration Occured...O_o

When is the presidental inauguration?

Every presidential inauguration is January 20, the following year after Election Day.

When was Inauguration Day changed to January 20?

In 1933 Inauguration Day was changed to January 20 (from March 4th) by order of the 20th Amendment.

Is the State of the Union Address on the same day as the Inauguration?

Answer: No. The State of the Union Address is given in front of Congress in January, but not on the same day as the inauguration.

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