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Q: What animal did Dr Evil order to have lasers attached to?
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Why is animal testing allowed?

To allow for medical progress in order to benefit human nature. It may be evil, but a necessary evil

How much was a new car in 1998?

One Million Dollars! And a pool of evil dolphins with lasers!

What could be an evil animal?


What is the most evil animal?


What is the order of the three monkeys?

See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

Is Toom Nook evil in Animal Crossing?

In animal crossing, Tom Nook is not evil. Tom Nook is just a store clerk that tries to sell items to the public for bells to support himself. Tom Nook doesn't do anything evil to you, and is in no way evil.

What kind of animal is harmful to humans?

Evil animals, like evil spiders and rats

Is manta ray evil?

No. Technically no animal is evil it is just their ways are Taboo to us.

Is animal by nature good or evil?

Good and evil are human concepts. Animals simply are.

Why was Snape evil?

Snape was not evil. Snape was good, he had to act evil in order to help do his part to vanquish evil.

What is napoleon's personality in Animal Farm?

He's evil, deceiving, dictator like (evil), lazy, and greedy

What animal has the most of its kind living?

Zoe the hamster has little evil hamsters working for her in her lab of evil

What type of animal is a garganey?

a garganey is a four legged animal that lives in the closet next to the evil monkey. he had babies with the evil monkey. i dont know how because they are both male.

Why are sloths evil?

The questioner may be confounding sloth, the slow-moving animal, with Sloth, the "deadly sin" of laziness and neglect. The animal is not evil; it just lives its life without haste.

Are penguins evil?

no there a very kind type of animal

Where are all the emblems in Resident Evil 5?

Go to this site on the attached link-- it has all the emblems.

What animal eats red winged blackbirds?

a evil one

What animal struggled with another pig called snowball for power in animal farm?

The evil pig was named "Napoleon."

Who controls the new world order?

The Rothschild's of he world, all those evil men who follow illuminati order that delve into everything evil. The men behind the curtain.

What order are all the Evil Dead movies?

Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness, and the new Evil Dead remake.

What does jmdcclxxvi Mean?

It means a new order of life and evil...and rezrrection of all evil spirits

What is your impressions of Napoleon in Animal Farm Chapter 1 - 5?

He is evil..

How many Resident Evil games are?

If you're taking about the main title there are seven Resident evil Resident evil 2 Resident evil 3: nemesis Resident evil code: Veronica Resident evil zero Resident evil 4 Resident evil 5 These are in order by release dates

How is GLaDOS so evil on portal 1 when Wheatley the one who corrupted her isn't attached to her?

Wheatley wasn't the one who made her her evil. It was being hooked up to the Aperture mainframe that drove her insane.

What is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix about?

It's about this group called The Order Of Phoenix , the evil connection between He-Who-Most-Not-Be-Named , and about Hogwarts and their new and evil teacher.