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Q: What animal eats a desert tarantula?
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What animal that starts with a T lives in the desert?

The tarantula spider lives in the desert. The desert tortoise would be another one.

What animal eats a tarantula?

IT's A WASP dughgiant wasps

What animal eats lizards from the desert?


What desert animal eats ants?


What desert animal eats a scorpion?


What animal eats a desert tortoise?


What is it called when a tarantula eats a tarantula?


What animal in the Australian desert has a low chance of surviving by animals eating you?

If an animal eats me in the Australian desert it affects only the animal that gets me for a meal.

What animal eats the popcorn flowers?

Desert rats

What desert animal eats a pocket mouse?


What animal eats the desert horned viper?

a eagle

What desert animal eats a coyote?

Mountain lion

What animal eats a snake in the desert ecosystem?

A Coyote.

Which desert animal eats cactus?

kangaroo rats

What animal eats papyrus and is native to Egypt?

the desert fox eats papyrus and it is native to Egypt

What kind of animal eats a snake in the desert?

an elf owl. for more read a desert book!

What animal that lives in the desert eats a Mexican Gold Poppy?

some caterpillars do

Is a tarantula a animal?

No. A tarantula is an insect, a spider/arachnid.

What desert animal eats aloe?


What animal eats a popcorn flower flower from a desert?

none, it is poisonous.

What animal in the desert eats birds?

A bird eating spider that's it :)

What environment does a tarantula live in?

A tarantula live in dry places such as the desert

Is a tarantula a carnivore or herbivore?

the tarantula is a carnivore because it eats flies which is meat.

What eats a desert bighorn?

About the only animal large enough to take down a desert bighorn is the cougar.

What is the ecosystem of the tarantula?

The tarantula effects the desert by keeping down the rodent population