What animal gets all of its water from its food?

The Koala gets 99% of its water from its food

In extreme drought, a Koala will drink form ground water when there is not enough moisture in the food that it eats.

The Koala.

The Kangaroo Rat from San Diego deserts, the Dorcas Gazelle from Africa!!! Many Reptiles

The Three-Toed Sloth.

MARINE MAMMALS! Since they are Mammals, they cannot drink or take in any of the Ocean water that they live in. Dolphins and Whales as well as some Seals, Seal Lions, and Walrus.

Mali Uromastyx are a type of lizard that live in the desert in Africa, they get all of their water from the plants and insects they eat, in fact drinking water could actually kill them.

A Thorny Devil obsorbs mud through spines into itself as food, but also provides it water.

Meerkats mostly eat bugs and all the juices in them are plenty for the meerkats, even when its a hot day they can still survive without water. However, that does not mean that they don't drink if water is available.

Oryx antelope can survive on the plants they eat, but they too drink water if it is available.

Many insects drink no water, and get all their water from their food, either because the food contains water (like caterpillars eating leaves or aphids sucking sap) or because water is one part of what they get when they combine their food with oxygen to get energy. That is called "metabolic water". Wood boring beetles and weevils that eat dry grain use metabolic water instead of drinking.

Some kinds of desert mice drink no water; they also rely on metabolic water.