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It is believed that sharks are immune to almost all diseases; they rarely get sick. However, no animal is immune all disease. A disease is technically defined as any deviation from normal, so even a broken bone could be considered a "disease". As for viral/bacterial diseases, no animal is immune to all diseases of that or any other type. Every animal is susceptible to something.

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Q: What animal is immune to all known diseases?
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Is monkey immune to all known animal diseases?

NO. They can get all sorts of diseases like Herpes B Virus, Tuberculosis, etc.

Can the Hulk get AIDS?

The Hulk is immune to all known Earth-based diseases, including AIDS (According to

Do Indians get autoimmune diseases?

People of all ethnicities are vulnerable to autoimmune diseases. No one is immune.

What percent puppies get diseases?

Depends on the breed. Some are very prone to diseases, others are all but immune.

One sentence with the word immune?

"Some animals are naturally immune to toxins and diseases, and aren't affected by them at all."

Giraffes lions and wildebeest are all immune to A Drought B Desertification C Diseases carried by the tsetse fly D Overpopulation?

Giraffes, lions, and wildebeests are all immune to diseases carried by the tsetse fly.

What are apart of the immune system they fight all diseases and germs?

white blood cells

What animal is immune to all illness if it stays flatulent?


What is the best description for immune system diseases?

There is no common description for all of the immune system diseases. What they do tend to have in common is that the sufferer needs to avoid even minor coughs and colds because they can be life threatening.

How can the human body lose immunity to diseases?

Certain diseases such as AIDS can weaken the bodies immune system making it more susceptible to infections and other conditions. actually once the immune system is destroyed, all kinds of diseases will knock your door.

What are all the autoimmune diseases of the immune system?


What is the importance of the immune system?

The immune system keeps humans and animal from from getting sick . Without the immune system you would be sick and vomiting all the time.

A person with AIDS is susceptible to all kinds of infectious diseases because HIV does what?

Weakens the immune system

How does the immune system provide immunity?

The immune system provide immunity for your body by fighting off all the illnesses, diseases, and bacteria that enters your body. White blood cells are a part of your immune system.

Why does the immune system attack it self?

In lupus, as in all other autoimmune diseases, the immune system does not attack itself. Rather, the immune system is confused and attacks health parts of the self such as organs and joints. The exact cause of these diseases is not known. Researchers have identified some genes that are responsible. But even if a person has a genetic predisposition to autoimmunity, it may never develop. Triggers are also involved. Cigarette smoke, the Epstein Barr virus, and sunlight are known triggers in lupus, although others are suspected.

Which organ system helps fight disease?

Your immune system or your live, but you have to have healthy liver to filter out all your diseases.

What will happen if an animal raised in an axenic environment is exposed to a pathogenic microbe later in life?

The animal will exhibit a very poor immune response to the pathogen.Animals raised in axenic environments have immune systems that respond poorly, if at all, to microbial invaders because they haven't been constantly stimulated by the presence of normal micriobiota.Reference from Microbiology with Diseases by Body SystemsThird Edition Robert. W. Bauman

How does skin help the animal to survive in the forest?

The skin protects the animal from all diseases, also from cold, rain, etc.

What is immume and its function?

Immune system is an essential for all living organisms. In bodies immunity system helps to protect the body from harmful diseases. Vitamins , carbohydrates are essential to boost immune system in a body.

What are all the known disorders?

If you go to it will show you all the diseases and disorders known. The website if the official site of the Center of Disease Control.

Why is immune system very important?

It protects you from all kinds of diseases like flu and colds. Without it, catching a cold could kill you.

What did all known Proterozoic animal fossils not have?

a shell

Why do so many AIDS patients die of diseases unrelated to HIV?

Here's how it works: HIV is the name of a virus that attacks the immune system, makes it weaker. Eventually the immune system fails completely, which makes the person wide open to any and all diseases. The name for when this happens is AIDS. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Meaning your immune system has gotten really weakened. Meaning you catch a lot of other diseases easily. Eventually one of them, or several of them working together, is what kills you.

How serious is prion disease?

All prion diseases are inevitably fatal; there are no known cures.

What kind of diseases can animal and insect bites cause?

Rabies, Lyme disease. You know, all that fun stuff. Depends on which animal too.