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snakes. and lots of them.


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Medusa is the option that is not associated with sponges.

Of the choices choanocytes, medusa, spicules, or gemmules, Medusa is the option that is not associated with sponges.

A Medusa is a type of jellyfish

Jellyfish have a polyp and a medusa.

her head was her symbol with all the snakes on it

The four categories of cells are..... 1.) Associated plant cells 2.)Associated animal cells 3.)Free-living animal cells 4.)Free-living plant cells There you go your very welcome...... I promise these answers are correct !

list the organells of a plant cell of an animal cell and state the life function associated with each

I think that you can eat medusa peppers when there red, but not if they're wrinkled or ugly.

Medusa is a person. She and her sisters made up the Gorgons. She was made ugly by Athena and had snakes for hair.

The adaptation of an animal or plant through breeding in captivity to a life intimately associated with and advantageous to humans.

an animal or plant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The organelle, the vacuole is found in both plant and animal cells. In animal cells they are small and are associated with the colelction and disposal of waste/ by-products within the cell. In plants the vacuole is large and provides internal structure and pressue within the cell, contributing to the shape and rigidity of the plant cell.

She had an affair with the sea god Poseidon and was turned into the monster she is known as by Athena.

both(plant and animal)

The stick bug is known as a plant animal.

Organic phosphate consists of a phosphate molecule associated with a carbon-based molecule, as in plant or animal tissue. Phosphate that is not associated with organic material is inorganic.

Stupid animal eat plant

it said to be a plant animal XD

An animal that lives in another plant or animal and eats that plant or animals without killing it is parasites.

Medusa (he killed her)Andromeda (he saved her from a sea serpent)Danaë (his mother)Zeus (his father)

which animal is associated with money or controlling

Lysomes and centrioles are in an animal cell but not a plant. Chloroplasts are in a plant cell but not an animal cell.

A plant cell is a plant cell. An animal cell is an animal cell. Obvious right?

It is an animal that looks like PLANT

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