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Q: What animal would be good to study about the hammerhead shark or the whale shark?
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What are the major differences and similarities between a hammerhead shark and a whale shark?

the hammerhead shark is different from the whale shark because a hammerhead has an hammer for a head and the hammerhead are mean, whale sharks are friendly.

What will attack a hammerhead shark or eat a hammerhead shark?


What covers a hammerhead shark?

a whale

What cover a hammerhead shark?

a whale

Is pearl from spongebob a whale or hammerhead shark?

Pearl is a Whale.

How is the whale shark and the hammerhead shark alike?

they both are sharks

Can a hammerhead shark kill a killer whale?


Can a hammerhead shark eat a killer whale?


Which is the biggest out of tiger shark, whale shark, and hammerhead shark?

I need to know...

What are the Differences between shark whale and blue whale?

The blue whale is not only the biggest whale, but the biggest animal on Earth. The whale shark is a shark, not a whale, but it is the biggest fish.

What is biggest water animal?

it is a whale shark a whale shark has spots on its back and can only eat plankton . it has 1,000 teeth and is not a whale it is a shark but it looks like a whale so it is called a whale shark.

What is the least dangerous shark?

it's the basking shark or the horn shark or the hammerhead shark or the zebra shark or the whale sharkIt's the whale shark. Even though it's the largest shark, it eats plankton and you can even hitch a ride on one!The least dangerous shark is definitely no the least dangerous shark!!! The least dangerous shark is the whale shark.

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