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Q: What animals are born without a spine?
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What animals have no spine?

Animals without A spine are called invertebrates.

Animals without a spine?


What is the Correct term for animals that have no backbone?

Animals without an vertebral column, which would be a backbone or spine, are called Invertebrates.The "in" prefix of the word meaning "without" Therefore 'in'--without, 'vertebrate' --bone/s in the column of the spine.

What Creatures are without a spine?

All animals in the invertebrate kingdom. This includes all insects.

Is an eel an invetebrate?

Invertibrates are animals without a backbone (spine), eels have backbones and therefore they are NOT invertebrates.

What animals are born with no eyes?

no animals can be born without eyes

All animals can be placed into two groups what are the two groups?

Animals can be divided into two groups Vertebrates (animals with a spine) & Invertebrates (animals with no spine)

Do clams have a spine?

No, they are invertabrate animals.

What is a group of animals that has a spine?


What do you call a worm without a spine?

Generally speaking, all worms lack a spine. Creatures without a spine are commonly referred to as invertibrates.

What is one way to classify animals by the presence or absence of a body part?

One way to classify animals is by the presence or absence of a backbone. Animals with a spine are known as vertebrates, while animals without them are known as invertebrates.

How in vertebrate animals classified?

Vertebrates are animals with a backbone (a.k.a a spine) we are vertebrates and so are the rest of the mammal kingdom. Invertebrates are animals without a backbone like crustacean (Crabs) and Arachne and insects.

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