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First, it is Chordate as the technical word , it is a vertebrate or closely related to invertebrate's. there are fish, worms and other vertebrates and invertebrates in this family.


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Why do scientist clasify things?

scientist clasify things because they want to know in what kingdom each family gies like the chordata family will have to go with all the animals that have spines on them and the animals that dont have will go together scientist clasify things because they want to know in what kingdom each family gies like the chordata family will have to go with all the animals that have spines on them and the animals that dont have will go together

What is the chordata in your body?

There is no chordata in the body. Chordata refers to a group of animals, including the vertibrates.

Why are some animals classified in Chordata?

This is all I know but the animals classified in Chordata have bilateral symmetry.

Are spiders chordata phylum?

Genus Chordata is animals with backbones; Spiders do not have a spine, therefore are not Chordata.

What is the habitat of a chordata?

Chordata is the phylum that all animals with a backbone and spinal chord belong to. Animals belonging to phylum chordata live in almost every habitat imaginable.

What does the science word chordata mean?

Meaning:Comprises true vertebrates and animals having a notochordClassified under:Nouns denoting animalsSynonyms:Chordata; phylum ChordataHypernyms ("phylum Chordata" is a kind of...):phylum ((biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes)Meronyms (members of "phylum Chordata"):chordate (any animal of the phylum Chordata having a notochord or spinal column)chordate family (any family in the phylum Chordata)chordate genus (any genus in the phylum Chordata)Cephalochordata; subphylum Cephalochordata (lancelets)subphylum Tunicata; subphylum Urochorda; subphylum Urochordata; Tunicata; Urochorda;Urochordata (tunicates)Craniata; subphylum Craniata; subphylum Vertebrata; Vertebrata (fishes; amphibians; reptiles; birds; mammals)Holonyms ("phylum Chordata" is a member of...):animal kingdom; Animalia; kingdom Animalia (taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals)

What are chordata and chordates?

chordata are a phylum of animals that have in common. a chordate is a animal with a notochord.

What are some examples of chordata?

There is a wide range of animals in phylum Chordata. Fish, sharks, and frogs are all in phylum Chordata.

Is chordata a phylum?

Yes. the phylum chordata is composed of animals with spinal cords, of which the sub-phylum vertebrata (vertebrates) are animals with backbones.

In what phylum does a horse belong?

Chordata (in the subphylum Vertebrata). 'Chordata' means animals that have a neural tube. The subphylum, Vertebrata, means animals that have a backbone.

Why is a horse placed under chordata?

Because the class Chordata includes all animals which are vertebrates !

Does chordata contain the largest number of different animals?

No, phyllum Chordata does not contain the maximum number of different animals. It is phyllum Arthropoda which contains the largest number of different animals.

What is the phylum of a wolf?

chordata (animals with spines)

What is a Yorkshire terrier's phylum?

I think the chordata because the CHORDATA are the animals with backbones. are vertebrates. ie have bones

What phylum is the newt in?

The Phylum is Chordata, which are vertebrate animals

Phylum of macaca fascicularismonkeys?

Phylum Chordata. Animals with backbones are in the Phylum Chordata. This includes humans and other primates.

Why is a zebra in the chordata phylum?

Because it has a backbone or a vertebrae. All animals that belong in the Phylum Chordata have a backbone or vertebrae.

Are all animals phylum chordata?

No. Phylum Chordata has three subphylums. Although the majority of animals that make up the phylum Chordata are vertebrates, some invertebrates are part of this phylum. All animals which have a spine, or backbone, are classified in the phylum Chordata. There are three subphylums in Chordata: Urochordata (tunicates), Cephalachordata (lancelets), and Vertebrata (vertebrates). This phylum also includes all animals which have a hollow nerve cord and a notochord at some stage during their development. In the case of vertebrates, the notochord is present in the embryo, and develops into the vertebral body.

Classification of chickens?

Kingdom Animalia (the animals)Phylum ChordataSubphylum Vertebrata (animals with backbones)Class Aves (Birds)Order GalliformesFamily PhasianidaeGenus GallusSpecies - G. domesticus

What phylum do animals with a backbone belong to?

Animals with a backbone are vertebrates. They are a sub-phylum of the phylum chordata (animals with a notochord).

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