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dogs,coyotes,jackles, and foxes

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they are related to dogs.wolves are related to the husky dog in particular but dogs in general :)

There no wolves in Kenya, as it is too hot for them, the only animals related to wolves are hyenas.

All animals are related in some way, but wolves are not directly related to cats. Wolves are members of the family Canidae, and cats are members of the family Felidae.

"Are wolves anyhow related to to dolphins?" Yes. Wolves and dolphins are both animals(Animalia(kingdom),chordates(phylum),vertebrates(sub-phylum), and mammals(Mammalia(class).

Foxes are canines, so they are related to dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals.

Dogs are related to wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, dingoes, raccoon dogs and a number of other species.

Dogs are Very closely related to dogs. They're distant cousins, although wolves ARE wild animals. Dogs are just really domesticated wolves.

Dogs are. In fact, dogs and wolves are so closely related that if a wolf mates with a dog, the pups do not have genetic problems like coyote/dog pups occasionally do.

All dogs are related to wolves.

wolves dont only eat hoofed animals, wolves eat a lot of animals. They are carnivores. They eat hoofed animals because they have meat, and that is what the wolves have to eat.

Well both dogs and wolves are in the Genus Canisgroup.That means that it is a group of closly related animals, so dogs and wolves are like cousins in the canis group.

All dogs are related to wolves, as in they are both canines. However, the husky has very few similarities to a wolf. Although they are both pack animals the husky is not as aggressive as a wolf.

wolves kill and eat sick and injured animals with altogether help the animals they ate...SAVE THE WOLVES!!! wolves kill and eat sick and injured animals with altogether help the animals they ate...SAVE THE WOLVES!!!

The closest living relatives of bears are pinnipeds and mustelids. Pinnipeds are animals such as seals and sea lions. Mustelids are animals such as weasels. After that, they are related to Canids such as wolves, coyotes, etc.

no, Wolves are real animals.

Yes, especially the Gray Wolves that live in the northern areas where moose are prevalent. They also eat animals related to the moose such as elk and caribou.

No animals hunt gray wolves except for humans. Sometimes, however, bears may kill wolves, or wolves may kill other wolves.

A modern animal cannot evolve into another modern animal. A wolf can't evolve into a whale like a monkey can't evolve into a human. However, animals have evolved from their prehistoric predecessors. For example, whales did not evolve from wolves or any mammals related to wolves. Whales are more closely related to prehistoric hoofed animals.

Wolves are not rainforest animals.

Only dogs and closely related species such as wolves can successfully breed with dogs.

some animals hide from wolves by blending in with nature camouflage

Wolves eat animals that they can catch such as deer, elk, and rabbits.

Wolfs, Foxes, Racoon dogs, and i can't think of anymore

Grey wolves hunt in packs together so that big animals wont get a chance to attack, but instead of the big animals hunting grey wolves, grey wolves hunt the big animals.

Yes. Wolves are pack animals.