Pterosaur (Pterodactyl)

What animals ate the pterodactyls?

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They are pterodactyls.

The Pterodactylus is a carnivore. It ate fish, insects, and small animals like lizards. It had lots of small teeth to chew up its prey.

Pterodactyls were animals and thus consumers.

Pterosaurs (a group that pterodactyls belonged to) varied a great deal in many ways, including diet. Some pterosaurs ate meat from dead animals, much like vultures today. Some were active hunters that captured insects and small animals to eat. Others caught and ate fish.

Scientists were not sure about the deinosuchus enemies, but they may be attacked by t-rexes and some large pterodactyls.

Pterodactylus got its food by hunting, probably swooping down on prey and killing it with its jaws. Pterodactylus ate insects, small fish, and small land animals like lizards, amphibians, and primitive mammals.

Pterodactyls were not dinosaurs. They were flying reptiles.

how many eggs do pterodactyls have

Pterodactyls enemy was the amazing T-Rex.

A "Terror" of Pterodactyls sounds fitting :)

Plants and animals die and decomposers break down their nitrogen containing molecules to ammonia. All animals get the nitrogen they need by eating plants, by eating other animals that ate plants, or by eating animals that ate animals that ate plants.

Pterodactyls had teeth that were made for eating meat. Scientist think that they ate fish and small dinosaurs, and that they also scavenged the flesh from dead dinosaurs.

If two animals in a food chain ate the same thing then there will be less animals

Pterodactylus were a species of pterosaur. Pterosaurs were flying reptiles, but they were not dinosaurs.

Carnivorous animals ate other animals, herbivorous ate plants. But those animals lived south of the ice, where plants could still grow and animals could live

The Baryonyx ate many types of fish and it ate dead animals

it ate fish it scavenged and ate tiny animals

Sunlight is the original source of all energy everywhere on Earth. Light energy from the Sun transforms to chemical potential energy through photosynthesis in autotrophs (plants). Then we eat the plants for the energy, or eat the animals that ate the plant, or eat the animals that ate the animals that ate the plant, or ate the animals that ate the animals....etc After they die, plants and animals also can turn into hydrocarbons (oil) and other forms of chemicals over long periods of time which we then use to generate electricity.

Neither. Pterodactyls belong to a now extinct group of reptiles called pterosaurs.

No. Pterodactyls lived and went extinct long before there were any humans around.

one animal i know of that is alive today and back then is a shark.The thing is that most dinosaurs resemble animals now a days such as pterodactyls and birds.

Overhunting cause cause a decrease in animals and once animals are gone, it effects the entire chain of animals. The animals that ate that animal will probably die and the animals that ate those animals will die and so on and so on. Overhunting can cause a drastic change in animals.

Pterodactyls belong to the order Pterosauria. There are many species of pterosaurs many of which are commonly called pterodactyls.

hardly any animal was a enemy of a pterodactyl. Mostly when one swooped too low, a dinosaur would have snatched it up.

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