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All animals that live under the sea (in the ocean), and sea turtles.

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How do animals adapt to a freshwater biome?

They learn to hold their breath under water.

What animals don't breath?

all animals breath they will breath in water if they r water animals and they will breath air if they live on land!!!

What Animals hold their breath and live in the water?

all marine mammels like dolphins and whales

Can sheep hold their breath?

Yes, sheep can hold their breath.

Can Superman hold his breath forever?

No but he can hold his breath for hours

Do lions hold their breath?

No lions don't hold their breath.

how long can i hold my breath for?

26 secounds

How long can moose hold their breath?

moose cant hold their breath. just kidding they can hold their breath for 8 minuets

How can marine mammals hold their breath so long?

marine animals can hold their breath for the same reason as to why humans breathe. it is their natural habitat and they have grown with evolution along time and adapted to their aquatic environments.

How long can a puffin hold their breath?

they can hold there breath for 35 sec

How long can whale's hold their breath?

they can hold their breath for one hour.

How long can fleas hold their breath?

How long can a flea hold its breath?

Why is it hard to hold my breath underwater?

It's harder to hold your breath because there's no AIR & OXYGEN and 'cause in water if you hold your breath too long you die, but if you hold your breath in the air and if you think you are holding your breath too long you can just breath instead of trying to breath in the water. ~Its a phsycology thing.

How long can a flounder hold its breath?

Flounder have gills, there is no need for them to hold their "breath."

How long can a beaver hold their breath?

Beaver can hold their breath for 45 mintues.

How long can penguins hold there breath?

They can hold there breath over 15 minutes

How long can beavers hold their breath?

Beavers can hold their breath underwater for up to 15 minutes.Beavers can hold their breath up to fifteen minutes.

How do you hold your breath for a minute?

You breath in and don't breath out. Simple as that.

How do dolphins and whales hold their breath?

yes they do hold their breaths .dolphins can hold their breath for half an hour

What do animals breath in and out of?

Animals breath in Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.They breath out the Carbon Dioxide,And the process repeats.

How long can a human hold his breath?

A normal human could hold his breath for 5 minutes one time a human hold his breath for 7 minutes.

How long do killer whales or orcas hold there breath?

they can hold there breath for 1-2 hours underwater and out of water they can hold there breath for 1 hour.ThankYou for asking.

How can bears hold their breath though they are mammals?

You can hold your breath. You are human. Humans are mammals. Bears are also mammals, which means they have lungs, and they can therefore hold their breath.

How can animals survive in water?

special abilties. gills or huge lungs to help them hold their breath for a long time

How long can a dog hold its breath?

a dog can hold its breath up to 3 minutes