What animals do cheetahs prey on?

Cheetahs prefer impala and gazelles, because they are small enough to catch. They eat about 6 lbs of meat per day. Other items on their menu are gnu (bird), warthog, or even an occasional wildebeest calf. They also like antelope, elephant, and zebra.

As no-one preys on this animal, then it comes top of the food chain, although that depends on what eats what.
Antilope, hares, zebras,
The cheetah is a carnivore, eating mostly mammals under 40 kg (88 lb), including the Thomson's gazelle, the Grant's gazelle, the springbok and the impala. The young of larger mammals such as wildebeests and zebras are taken at times, and adults too, when the cats hunt in groups. Guineafowl and hares are also prey.
The cheetahs' prey are impalas, Thompsons' gazelle, African antelpoes,

and last but not least, jackels.
They often eat gazelles, but will also eat small mammals (such as hares) or birds
Cheetahs eat mainly gazelle, antelope, game birds, and hares. A cheetah will NEVER eat what it doesn't kill.
Well since they are carnivores, (meat eaters) they eat pretty much all types of animals that are in their natural habitats.